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MrBeast Demanded An Ungodly Amount of Money For a 60 Seconds Video and a Billionaire Agreed to His Conditions

MrBeast Demanded An Ungodly Amount of Money For a 60 Seconds Video and a Billionaire Agreed to His Conditions

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and avid gamer. Donaldson is known for his unique videos that feature several expensive stunts and challenges that have seen him survive 50 hours of being buried alive, and reviews of insanely expensive food, holidays, and hotels. While his regular videos already had a lot of young supporters.

Donaldson is also known for a lot of gaming challenges, mostly featuring GTA and Minecraft challenges featuring his team and other gaming streamers. While his popularity is already sky-high, he has also appeared in a lot of podcasts talking about his team and success. In one such podcast, MrBeast revealed a bizarre request he received from a Billionaire, which he fulfilled promptly while making some serious cash at the same time.

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The Most Popular Challenges From MrBeast’s Gaming Channel

MrBeast's Gaming Channel involves several rewarding challenges
MrBeast’s Gaming Channel involves several rewarding challenges

MrBeast’s gaming channel has already surpassed the 30 Million subscribers mark. His gaming videos involve his team and other YouTubers and sometimes even random subscribers or other gamers. They challenge each other for prizes that range from cash to diamond rings, and some of them have even won a house for themselves in such challenges. The most popular challenge in his gaming channel at the moment is Donaldson blowing up a million TNTs in Minecraft with his team, gradually rewarding his team members for surviving each TNT blast starting from 25 TNTs.

In his second most popular video on his channel, Donaldson hosted and judged a hundred Minecraft streamers, who competed with each other and built unique houses in the game. The chosen winner walked away with a real house worth $100,000. His third most popular video also featured a hundred Minecraft players. They competed against each other starting from a single block in the game and surviving in the game by building more blocks and fighting each other in the game until there was only one player left.

The winning gamer walked away with a streaming setup complete with a brand-new desktop PC, a gaming chair, and several other accessories. Similarly, he has also hosted gamers and his team competing against each other in other games as well, like GTA 5 and Among Us.

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MrBeast Reveals The Bizarre Request He Received, And How Much He Made From Fulfilling The Request

MrBeast is the most subscribed individual user on YouTube

MrBeast appeared on the Full Send Podcast in September last year and spoke about his ambitions, how he came up with several different ideas for his videos, and how he chose his team, who have since changed a lot. In the same podcast, he also revealed a bizarre request he had received from a Billionaire. He had received a request from a Billionaire for a 60-second video of MrBeast saying Hello to his kid, which he wasn’t sure of doing but when he was asked to name a price, MrBeast’s asking price of $250,000 was agreed to by the undisclosed Billionaire.

Since his asking price was immediately accepted, MrBeast revealed that he went on to make the requested short 1-minute clip of himself saying Hi to the Billionaire’s kid. He said he was expecting the Billionaire to actually start negotiating and not accept the price immediately. He concluded by saying he did the video first and then got paid, as he knew for sure that the requestor was a wealthy individual. Despite being asked a few times for a hint at the Billionaire, he kept the individual anonymous.

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MrBeast’s Amusing Plan for His Final Video

MrBeast in an episode of Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant
MrBeast in an episode of Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant

MrBeast revealed recently about his plans for what will be his final YouTube video, which will feature three of his closest friends. MrBeast shared his amusing idea on an episode of popular comedian Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant when asked about his ideas for what his final video would be. In a rather dark humor of sorts, MrBeast revealed that his final video will feature his Tombstone once he has passed away. Jimmy Donaldson revealed how he plans to involve his three closest friends Karl Jacobs, Chandler Hallow, and Chris Tyson, who will compete for ownership of the channel.

His three friends will be taking part in a challenge of keeping their hands on his Tombstone, with the final member to take his hands away winning all rights to his record-breaking YouTube channel.

MrBeast said this in the podcast:

“They want me to die, 100% they do. The second I die, Karl, Chandler, Chris, the three guys, Nolan maybe, he’s a little newer, we haven’t decided if he partakes yet or not. They all put their hands on my tombstone, last to take it off gets the channel, everything, 100% everything.”

Similar challenges have already been featured in his main YouTube channel, where his team members, some of his random subscribers, and other YouTubers have competed to win up to $1 Million, a Yacht, and even Teslas. MrBeast’s videos still keep getting a record number of views featuring his unique ideas, which has blown up his overall views on his channel.

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