MultiVersus Teased Characters We Didn’t Even Think of in Plain Sight

MultiVersus may just be the next big thing, all thanks to its characters.



  • The latest trailer for MultiVersus has reignited excitement among fans and the platform fighter community.
  • Despite a few fan favorites still missing, the trailer hints at a few good ones that may be getting ready to arrive in the game.
  • The anticipation for the game's official continues to grow, as Warner Bros. Games works hard at ensuring the game's success.
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MultiVersus, the platform fighter looking to dethrone Super Smash Bros. from its long-running rule over the genre, is gearing up for its imminent release later this month. To celebrate its upcoming release, the game received a new trailer featuring characters from the various IPs under WB.


These characters will be available in the game sooner or later. Interestingly enough, the trailer also contained a few Easter eggs and hints that only the most keen-eyed viewers may spot, including a few highly anticipated characters that may one day go toe-to-toe with the present roster.

MultiVersus May Soon Feature Samurai Jack, Deathstroke, Teen Titans, and Many More

Agent Smith, along with a host of other new characters, will join MultiVersus' roster at its launch.
Agent Smith, along with a host of other new characters, will join MultiVersus‘ roster at its launch.

The latest trailer from MultiVersus is a wild ride, showcasing the roster from the game’s open beta along with a ton of new characters all set to join in on the fun. The trailer features Agent Smith, Joker, Jason Voorhees, and more, all of them looking to join the game’s chaotic 2v2 battles when the game receives its official launch on May 28th.


Some people were a little less excited to see what looks like the final roster of the game for the time being, and it’s understandable: The game, after all, still lacks a ton of fan favorites such as Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, and more. As it turns out, some of these highly anticipated characters did show up in the trailer, just not in the way one would expect.

As collated by X/twitter user, the trailer featured a ton of wink-winks for some of the characters that we can expect to see in the future. Some of these characters include Aquaman, Samurai Jack, Blossom, two of the Teen Titans, and more.


This is, admittedly, pretty exciting news. One of the points of criticism pointed at MultiVersus during its beta stages was how lacking the overall roster felt when placed against all the memorable characters that we’ve seen from WB’s different works and it is clearly taking notes, it seems.

Can MultiVersus Succeed in Overtaking Super Smash Bros.?

With a bit more polish, MultiVersus will be just a few steps away from achieving greatness.
With a bit more polish, MultiVersus will be just a few steps away from achieving greatness.

Now, WB wants this game to be a massive win for them. After the middling reception and eventual failure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it is clearly taking great care of their other potential juggernaut. However, tackling what has been the long-running king of platform fighters is a different matter altogether. 

Smash Bros., after all, has remained untouchable in this category. While games such as Brawlhalla and Nickelodeon: All-Star Brawl have a ton of things going for them, they are also bogged down by a number of issues, preventing them from gaining further popularity.


There are two things that MultiVersus has going for it that the other two don’t, and that’s how its characters are arguably just as mainstream and popular as those in Smash Bros., along with how it just plays really well for a fighter.

With that said, what are your thoughts on MultiVersus‘s upcoming launch? Do you think the expanded roster can turn things around for the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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