“My org*sm face is recorded for eternity”: Robert Pattinson’s Mast**bation Scene in $2.9M Movie is Real

Robert Pattinson's Mast**bation Scene in $2.9M Movie is Real

Not all of DC’s Batmen can say that they’ve had an org*sm on the screens for the whole wide world to see, but one of them can.

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2008 marked a rather momentous year for Robert Pattinson, what with him leading one of the most lucrative franchises in the film industry and having his first (and a very real one, for that matter) on-screen org*sm ever. Yup, that’s right. Just a few months before he kickstarted his career as the hot and mysterious vampire in Twilight, the English actor had been busy pleasuring himself in front of the cameras for a Salvador Dalí biopic. And, as you can very well imagine, it was probably one of the mortifying moments he’s ever had to endure as an actor.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson on Mast**bating in Little Ashes  

On-screen s*x is, more often than not, just as horrifying as it sounds – being environed by the film crew while you’re stark n*ked and in the middle of intercourse? Yeah, sounds like a nightmare, alright. And as if the embarrassment coating erotic scenes, in general, isn’t potent enough in itself, Robert Pattinson had to endure the humiliation of having an actual org*sm in one of his films.


Directed by Paul Morrison, Little Ashes featured the secret and salacious love affair between the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and French poet Federico García Lorca. But that’s certainly not what The Batman star would remember it for, and with good reason.

Little Ashes
Little Ashes (2008)

Speaking to Germany’s Interview magazine, Pattinson, 37, disclosed that since he found it difficult to feign pleasure during such times, he ended up mast**bating in one of the movie’s intimate scenes to capture its authenticity.


“[I] had to do a lot of scenes where I was naked, and I also had to mast**bate. I mean really, my org*sm face is recorded for eternity.”

And that’s not the only time that Pattinson had to push through such uncomfortable moments.

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His Intimate Scene With His Co-Star Was Just As ‘Mortifying’

In the same interview [via E! News], the Tenet star also admitted that one of his steamy pool scenes with co-star Javier Beltrán, who played the Dalí’s lover in the movie, was awkward beyond words. Not only did Pattinson feel grossly unprepared, but he remained wholly unsure of his next move, all while Beltrán was completely naked and ready to get on with it.

“The Dalí production was the worst, it was mortifying. We were all hanging out by the pool, trying to loosen up. I was nervously clinging to the edge—and before I could turn around, the Spaniard was already naked.”

Little Ashes
Behind the scenes of the Dalí production

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“He happily swam towards me and I didn’t have a clue how to react. I felt like Mr. Bean.”

The reality of the situation was so horrifying to accept, especially in the case of his self-pleasuring incident, that at one point, it made Pattinson want to quit acting altogether, but alas, he persevered.

Little Ashes can be streamed on Hoopla or Here Tv with a subscription.


Source: Interview Magazine [via Huffington Post]


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