Naruto: 3 Reasons Why Tsunade Was a Better Mentor Than Jiraiya (& 3 Reasons Why the Perverted Sage Was the Best)

Jiraiya and Tsunade are best in their own regards.

Naruto: 3 Reasons Why Tsunade Was a Better Mentor Than Jiraiya (& 3 Reasons Why the Perverted Sage Was the Best)


  • There are several good mentors in the Naruto franchise, but there are few who come close to the legendary sannins when it comes to shaping the next generation.
  • Tsunade is more practical, has a more direct approach to her students, and apart from medical ninjutsu, she also teaches offensive and defensive ninjutsu.
  • Jiraiya is a darling to the Naruto fans because he trains as well as does fun activities with his students and teaches them important jutsu that would benefit them in the future.
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Naruto Uzumaki has inspired a generation of shinobi and humans. Even though the character was based on an anime, he had an immense presence, and his words always found their way into people’s hearts. But there were times when the Seventh Hokage was depressed and needed a support system. Anyhow, he never lost sight of his goal and always had a smile on his face.


Most of the fans who have watched Naruto, consider Jiraiya to be the perfect mentor. The closest one that came to him was Kakashi Hatake. But there were times when Tsunade excelled at being a mentor. So, let us see three incidents when Tsunade was a better mentor than Jiraiya and three reasons why the latter excelled as a mentor.

3. Tsunade Is More Practical

Tsunade, Fifth Hokage

Tsunade was more mature and practical as a mentor. When she was mentoring Sakura and Ino, she carefully read each of their strong points and made arrangements according to them. Tsunade tried to fill the weakness gap in her students. Her specialization was in medical ninjutsu. But instead of sticking to the basics, she taught her students offensive and defensive techniques, which would help them during battles if it ever came down to them.


2. Tsunade Had No Time For Fun

Tsunade mentoring Sakura

Unlike Jiraiya, who often got busy with the ladies, Tsunade had no time for entertainment. When she was mentoring Sakura Haruno, she did not have time for her gambling and drinking games. Only when she was not around Tsunade would have a little fun. But Jiraiya would run off to the ladies’ bathhouse for perverted tasks, even when Naruto was with him. He even used the latter as a decoy.

1. The Sixth Hokage Was Always There For Her Students

tsunade with shizune
Tsunade with Shizune

Tsunade excelled at being a mentor when it came to being with her students. For a couple of years, Jiraiya trained Naruto, and before and after that, he always went on missions. But Tsunade was always there for her students. She passed down every bit of her knowledge to Sakura, and if she had faced any problem, she was there for her. Tsunade has always been a great mentor. Even before becoming Hokage, she took in Shizune to teach her medical ninjutsu.


Now, three reasons why Jiraiya excelled at being a mentor.

3. Jiraiya Knew When To Start and When to Stop

Jiraiya and Naruto
Jiraiya and Naruto having fun

Jiraiya and Tsunade form two-thirds of the Legendary Sannins. Even though Tsunade was academically better, Jiraiya excelled when it came to mentoring young minds. He trained them and imparted all of his knowledge. But he was not too focused on training. Jiraiya knew mental health was as important as physical health. So, he would always have time for fun activities with his students. It created a stronger bond between him and his students.

2. Jiraiya Was an Analyst


Jiraiya was an excellent analyst. He could analyze a situation and bring out the best result from it. After meeting Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan, he instantly knew that he had to teach them how to live. The same happened with Naruto Uzumaki. He first loosened Nine-Tails’ seal and got an idea of how behind Naruto was in terms of control. Accordingly, he trained Naruto. Jiraiya taught Naruto the Summoning Jutsu and Rasengan to help him learn the basics of Chakra control since he had no basic training.


1. The Pervy Sage Had Foresight

Jiraiya leaving a secret message for Naruto

Apart from being an excellent analyst, Jiraiya could predict things. He did not have foresight, but his predictions were always on point. Before he was killed by his former student, Nagato, he asked Fukasaku to teach Naruto the Sage Jutsu. He knew it would benefit him in his fight against Pain. Moreover, he knew Naruto would benefit from Kurama’s chakra, so he trained him to control it. The Pervy Sage made him take low-ranked missions, which would develop his ninja skills and help him become a better shinobi. 

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