The Internet Responds To the First Look At Amazon’s Fallout Show

Fan reactions to the first glimpse of Fallout TV show isn't without criticism.


  • Amazon Prime shared the first look of its Fallout television series on Tuesday.
  • Fans have been pleased with everything so far but there are also a few complaints.
  • Some Fallout fans have questioned The Ghoul's appearance and the massive AR.
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Amazon announced in 2020 that it was working on a Fallout television show and earlier this year revealed that the series would premiere on April 2, 2024. After several teasers and rumors around the show, the fans have finally got the first look at the adaptation of the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout and what it will look like. The response to the first look of the television show has been mostly positive but fans also have a few complaints and are only cautiously excited about it.

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Fans Are Divided Over the First Look of Amazon’s Fallout TV Show

Fans are divided over the first look of the Amazon's Fallout television series.
Fans are divided over the first look of the Fallout television series.

Fans got the first glimpse of the Fallout TV show on Tuesday, November 28 which included the series’ signature power armor, a new vault, and some of the series’ main characters. The characters include Django Unchained star Walton Goggins who plays the role of The Ghoul, Yellowjackets star Ella Purnell who plays Lucy, Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank, and Aaron Moten as Maximus.


The response to the first look of the television series has been great and Fallout fans are pleased. The fans praised the Vault Skins, casting Goggins as The Ghoul, the Brotherhood, and power armor, claiming that the show is going to be amazing. Many also praised The Prydwen, the airship base for the Brotherhood of Steel, and more. A Reddit user stated,

Wow, they really pulled out all the stops. They’re using the FO4 Vault Suits with the radiation meter (which is the best version IMHO), they have Goggins made up as a ghoul perfectly, the power armor is gloriously accurate (there’s no mini-gun, but they did use a jacketed machine gun, which is canon), and the fracking Prydwen is there!! This show is going to be awesome!

Another user said,


IS THAT THE PRYDWEN?? The power armour looks glorious, Walton Goggins as a ghoul is perfect casting, and the vault suits look like the Fallout 4 ones with the radiation meter thing. I’m so excited!

Other Redditors praised how well the Brotherhood looks in the show and many further mentioned that they had not been excited about a show like this in several years. However, many fans also complained about a few things they didn’t like including the writing of the show, The Ghoul having ears, and The Assault Rifle which many alleged is “massive.” 

Fans stated that everything looks good so far in the show, but the assault rifle is too big. The assault rifle looks very similar to the ones in Fallout 4 but the rifle in the show is so massive that one would not be able to pick it up without the power armor.


A Reddit user stated,

“I am REALLY excited for the show but I don’t like that they used the Fallout 4 “assault rifle.”

Another user added,


“I see they brought in the ugly FO4 assault rifle instead of the FO3 one.”

Although fans praised Walton Goggins as The Ghoul, they wondered why he has ears and looks so clean when they’re supposed to look ugly. A Reddit user complained saying,

The ghoul with ears is weird. Everything else melts/falls off but not the ears?

The ghouls in the game have a high degree of skin deterioration due to irradiation, resulting in them losing their noses and ears.

Fans have complained about The Ghoul having ears as well as the AR from Fallout 4.
Fans have complained about The Ghoul having ears as well as the AR from Fallout 4.

Fallout television series is developed by the HBO show Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The story of the series is set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and begins in Vault 33 which is one of the main settings in the game. The story of the series will follow Lucy who comes across a world filled with dangerous mutant animals and insects.

It is not known as of now if the series is based on a specific game, but it is said that the series takes elements from every game, mainly from Fallout 4. All that the fans are wishing for right now is good writing for the show so that it avoids the fate of other video game adaptations like Halo.


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