Netflix Snatched the Spotlight From Emily Rudd’s Nami in Straw Hat Pirates’ Intense Battle With Buggy the Clown in One Piece Season 1

Nami was the one who defeated Buggy in the manga; however, the live action changed it.

Netflix Snatched the Spotlight From Emily Rudd's Nami in Straw Hat Pirates' Intense Battle With Buggy the Clown in One Piece Season 1


  • Emily Rudd's moment to shine was taken away from her during her battle with Buggy.
  • In the manga, Nami was the one who tied up Buggy's body parts; however, Luffy was the one who did it in the live action.
  • Emily Rudd portrayed the character of Nami as best she could, and the fans loved it.
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One Piece live-action season 1 was a huge commercial success, with one of the most prominent reasons being the casting choices. To create a successful live action, the actors must be selected very carefully, and the Netflix team managed to find actors who embody their characters.

Emily Rudd starred as Nami in Netflix's One Piece
Emily Rudd starred as Nami in Netflix’s One Piece

Emilly Rudd plays Nami in One Piece live-action and is one of the most fan-favorite characters due to her off-screen personality. However, one of Nami’s iconic scenes, the battle against Buggy, was changed, and the spotlight was taken away from her.

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The intense battle between Nami and Buggy was changed in One Piece live-action season 1

One Piece live-action season 1 was one of the most well-made Netflix series and accumulated a lot of watch time. The fans did not expect the series to be so good.

The team took the liberty of making specific changes to the story. However, all these changes were supervised by Oda sensei to make the story better and more enjoyable for the audience.

The battle between Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Buggy was one of the funniest yet most interesting battles; however, in the manga, Nami was the one who took the spotlight and tied up Buggy.


It was Nami’s moment in the manga and anime; however, the live-action decided to change things up and take the spotlight away from her.

Buggy in One Piece
Buggy in One Piece

In the live-action, Luffy was the one who came up with the idea of trapping Buggy’s body parts in different crates, although, in the manga, it was Nami who tied up Buggy’s body parts with rope.

The moment that could have been Emily Rudd’s time to shine was taken away; however, she did have more significant moments in the later part to make up for this.


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Emily Rudd’s performance in One Piece live-action season 1

Nami’s character at the beginning of One Piece is very different from the Nami we know today, who loves Straw hats and would do anything for them.

At the beginning of the series, Nami is a thief who spent her youth robbing pirate ships by becoming a part of them and thugging them later on; she also planned the same with the Strawhats.


However, she got attached to them on an emotional level and could not complete it. Emily Rudd did an excellent job of portraying this.

Emily Rudd
Emily Rudd

If you pay attention to her eyes in the series, she always seems confused and disturbed, which is what Nami was in the story.

Emily Rudd portrayed the character faithfully and gave her best in fight and emotional scenes, which the fans loved and appreciated.


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