Deadly But Beautiful Hidden Squid Game Details That Prove The Game Was Rigged All Along

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With Netflix about to bring back the highly acclaimed Squid Game series for Season 2, it is time we pay our respects to the original masterpiece that helped the show become a global sensation. These brilliant Squid Game season 1 details prove that the game, which was touted as being ‘just and fair’ by the Front Man, was just a sham. The entire game was rigged to favor a select few from the very beginning.


Il-nam Was Amused To Play Red Light, Green Light Despite All The People Dying

Squid Game - Red Light Green Light
Squid Game – Red Light Green Light

The first of the many deadly events in the series, people are asked to run when the given the green signal. If the robotic doll catches movement when the light is red, a sniper eliminates the player. As the first series of deaths happened during the twisted game, people were terrified. But the old man was all the more happy to partake.

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Viewers thought that the man had gone senile and bonkers. Little did we know that this was the guy who orchestrated it all and knew the stakes already. Il-Nam hadn’t gone crazy. He just knew people are going to die.

The Giant Doll Didn’t Scan Il-nam

Squid Game - Giant Doll Doesn't Scan Il-nam
Squid Game – Giant Doll Doesn’t Scan Il-nam

Despite saying the games were just and cheating was not allowed, there were some instances when the game favored Il-nam. During Red Light, Green Light, the doll would turn around and scan all players, using its motion detectors to see movement. But when you look closely, when the doll scans Il-Nam, the green hue that is so intense with the other players is very weak for the old man.

Player 001’s green hue is not as prominent probably because the game was rigged to let him stay alive. It was all planned.


Il-nam Refused To Exchange His Star With Gi-Hun’s Umbrella Shape

Candy Game - Squid Game
Candy Game – Squid Game

One of the games involved players having to choose from different shapes. There was a circle, a star, a triangle, and an umbrella. The shape that the players chose decided what kind of shape they had to carve out of the sugar candy they were assigned.

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When the games began, Il-nam was offered by Gi-hun to exchange his umbrella with the star shape he was holding. Il-nam politely refused, proving that he knew about the stakes of the candy game beforehand.


The Front Man Was Taking Orders from Il-nam The Whole Time

Front Man Taking Orders From Il-nam
Front Man Taking Orders From Il-nam

The staff could not give a lesser damn as to how the players were and their well-0being outside the six games. So when the lights went down and the carnage began, the guards just stood by and watched. But the Front Man was looking at Il-nam for ordered all this time, even when the games weren’t happening during rest hours.

At one point, the old man climbs a huge structure and pleads everyone to stop this madness. The Front Man complies and everyone settles down. It may look like he was taking pity on Il-nam. But in reality, his master was secretly ordering him to stop because it was getting too much and his life was now being threatened.

Il-nam Knew Exactly How To Win Tug Of War Game

Tug of War game - Squid Game
Tug of War game – Squid Game

It is a little odd how the old man was perfectly skilled for a game that was randomly chosen to become a part of the six official games. The coincidence is extremely uncanny and was not a coincidence at all, if you ask us. The old man had been organizing these games since a long time and by watching other players win the tug of war, he had realized how to win the game against superior opponents.


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Il-nam tries to justify his skills by claiming that he had won tug of war tournaments in multiple countries because he ‘knew’ how to beat physically stronger opponents. That was a blatant lie. The old man had watched other players in the past and figured out a solution.

The Old Man Stretched The Marble Game To Find A Spot Where He Could Fake His Death

Marble Game - Old Man Fakes Death - Squid Game
Marble Game – Old Man Fakes Death – Squid Game

In episode 6, viewers are led to believe that the old man’s mind has finally given in to dementia. He kept searching for his home while gi-hun, his partner he was supposed to play with, was forced to follow him around as time was running out.


The marble game was designed to let Il-nam fake his death. The entire set was a neighborhood born out of Il-nam’s memories. he knew the exact place where he could play with gi-hun and lose and be taken out of the game. He just needed to ensure no one was looking. He chose that one house that had symbols of the Squid Game on its main doors.

People Who Chose The Blue Tile Were Hired As Players By The Recruiter, People Who Chose Red Became The Guards

The Recruiter - Squid Game
The Recruiter – Squid Game

The game of paper tiles is how the Recruiter recruited players for the Squid Game. But there was a system to it that many may not have been able to figure out. The recruiter was not just hiring players. he was also hiring the guards. The paper tile game had two tiles, one of blue and one of red color.

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People who chose the blue tile were automatically hired as players. People who selected the red tile were made into guards. The video that was shown to the players when they woke up after being brought to the Squid Game location had all of them opting for the blue tile. This re-inforces the red tile-blue tile theory.


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