Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Season 1 Completely Ignored One Legendary Fan Favorite Character

Jango was one of the important characters; however, he was not introduced in season 1 of One Piece live action.

Netflix's One Piece Live Action Season 1 Completely Ignored One Legendary Fan Favorite Character


  • Netflix-produced One Piece live action season 1 was a major commercial success.
  • There were many changes made to the storyline as compared to the manga.
  • Jango, the legendary hypnotizer, was not shown in season 1 of the franchise.
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One Piece live-action might have kicked off a new era for live-action, as its success was astonishing and broke so many records that it might be hard to believe. It was also the first series to break the live-action curse, achieve ground-breaking success, and quickly become a fan favorite.

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Nami, Luffy and Zoro from Netflix's One Piece
Nami, Luffy and Zoro from Netflix’s One Piece

Season 1 of live-action also made numerous changes to the storyline in accordance with Oda sensei’s guidance and introduced some characters early on; however, Jango, who was crucial for the backstories of Kuro and Morgan, was not shown at all, which made some fans feel disappointed.


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Jango was omitted from One Piece live-action season 1

One Piece live-action season 1 achieved astonishing success and was widely received by the audience as a masterpiece with a fantastic cast and CGI effects.


One Piece was expected to become the next laughing piece in the history of live-action adaptations, but it surprised everyone.

When the series was announced, fans were in awe as they believed their favorite series was about to go down the drain; however, they were proven entirely wrong.


Season 1 of the live-action changed some things, as some characters were introduced very early on, and some were skipped from season 1.

Jango in One Piece

One such beloved character was none other than Jango, who is one of the antagonists of the Syrup Village Arc.


Due to his powers, he could make the entire court dance, and his hypnotism was a big part of the careers of Kuro and Morgan. in the manga and had connections with the story.

However, for unknown reasons, Netflix decided not to include him in the story’s first season, and the story feels incomplete.


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Changes were made to the storyline in One Piece live-action season 1 as compared to the manga

One of the most intriguing parts of One Piece live-action season one was none other than the exciting changes they made to the story.


The team and Oda sensei changed the timing of some characters’ introductions and certain events compared to the manga.

One instance is the fight between Straw Hats and Buggy; Nami tied up his body parts in the manga and captured him.

Buggy's countdown in One Piece Live Action
Buggy in One Piece Live Action

However, Luffy came up with the idea of catching Buggy’s body parts in boxes in the live-action, taking the spotlight away from Nami.

We also see Garp being introduced early in the live-action, despite not being a part of the East Blue saga in the One Piece manga. These changes made the viewers curious, as many have already caught up with the manga.


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