Netflix’s Troubled ‘My Hero Academia’ Live-Action Movie Reportedly Now a TV Series, ‘Alice in Borderland’ Director Attached

Netflix's Troubled 'My Hero Academia' Live-Action Movie Reportedly Now a TV Series, 'Alice in Borderland' Director Attached
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Shocking everyone, Netflix announced a My Hero Academia live-action remake last year. And while a big portion of the anime community was celebrating this news, some were not so happy about it.

My Hero Academia
A still from My Hero Academia

The main reason behind their apprehensiveness was nothing but Netflix’s past record with live-action remakes of popular anime series. Seemingly, proving that worry, an IMDb update of the alleged all-White cast list garnered a lot of backlash because of the blatant race swap.

However, although nothing has been confirmed yet on that front, there is a new rumor making rounds, that is finally giving some hope to the fans.


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My Hero Academia live-action to become a TV series

Ever since its announcement, there have been a lot of rumors following this new My Hero Academia project. While some have been pretty exciting for the fans, some only seemed to evoke distress. For example, a few days ago, there was a cast list update on IMDb, which consisted of only White actors for every character on the show.

Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Starting with David Mazouz playing Izuku Midoriya, Jace Norman playing Katsuki Bakugo, Isaac Hempstead as Tenya Iida, and Graham Verchere as Shoto Todoroki, the list went on featuring more White actors playing all these roles with their names, and backstories unchanged.


This obviously sent the fans into a rage with most asking for Kohei Horikoshi’s story and the characters to be changed completely, even though nothing has since been confirmed. However, there is yet another new rumor that is making waves around the block.

And unlike the previous one, this finally is giving some hope to the fandom. Basically, someone claimed that the My Hero Academia live-action is allegedly going to become a TV series.





And on an even more interesting note, helming the project will be none other than Shinsuke Sato, the director of the worldwide popular survival thriller series Alice in Borderland. As the series isn’t lacking fans in any way and with good reason, it is understandable why people are excited about this.


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Would a My Hero Academia live-action series work better than a movie? 

While some people are still conflicted about the live-action, no matter in what form, a TV series does have an opportunity to work way better. The main reason is of course, a roughly 1 hour 30 minutes movie would never be successfully able to adapt volumes of manga material with proper details to do justice to the story and the characters.

Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia
Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia

That will inevitably result in a very basic stripped-down skeletal version of the story and completely flat characters. As a result, it would bomb tremendously. Especially with Netflix’s past record of making anime live-action movies, that have only served to disappoint the fans.


As such, a full-length series makes way more sense as that would give time to the story to tell itself with appropriate details. Especially if Shinsuke Sato takes the helm, things might really turn out well.

A still from Shinsuke Sato's Alice in Borderland season 2
A still from Shinsuke Sato’s Alice in Borderland season 2

As people saw in Alice in Borderland, where a group of three friends suddenly get transported into an alternate video game version of Tokyo, where they, and a few other people seemingly chosen at random, need to survive each deadly level or suffer fatal consequences.

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The series ran two seasons with the last one only released last December and immediately became a worldwide hit. Be it keeping up the palpable tension, spellbinding cinematography, or an engaging pace throughout, Shinsuke Sato has already shown his mastery over his craft.

As such, some fans do seem hopeful about the My Hero Academia live-action becoming a series, just as long as they don’t feature an all-White cast or just simply change their names. 

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