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‘Haven’t women suffered enough?’: Amy Schumer in Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Leaves Fans Disgusted, Ask Why Would They Ruin It?

Martin Short, executive producer, and star of Hulu’s hit comedy series Only Murders in the Building, revealed in January that legendary actress Shirley MacLaine and comedian Amy Schumer had joined the cast in season 2. They were also joined by Carnival Row’s Cara Delvingne in an all-star cast series. Now that Hulu premiered the second season yesterday, fans are hugely disappointed with the series. Here are the specifics:

Only Murders in the Building trolled due to Amy Schumer.
Season 2 premiere of Only Murders in the Building.

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Why the stars of this show are hated upon:

Only Murders in the Building trolled due to Amy Schumer.
Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard.

Amy Schumer is a very popular figure in the comedy community. However, s he is hit or miss with many people, and there is a significant fraction of the population who completely loathe her. She has frequently been charged with plagiarism for allegedly stealing jokes. Many contend that Schumer is despised because of his hypocrisy, racism, arrogance, poor temper, sarcasm, and patronising remarks. Furthermore, she is also charged with attempting to meddle in politics in order to offend many of her followers or anyone else who disagreed with her. Another actress from the programme, Cara Delvingne, has also been making headlines a lot lately, due of her connections to the most despised actress at this point, Amber Heard. Delvingne was accused of having an affair with Amber Heard and also being involved in a threesome with Heard and Elon Musk. This whole star cast, of seemingly hated people does not fare well with the newly released show, which is why it has failed to garner any good reviews.

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Fan reactions to Amy Schumer in Only Murders in the Building:

Only Murders in the Building trolled due to Amy Schumer.
Only Murders in the Building trolled due to Amy Schumer.

Reacting to the line of actresses in the show, Twitter erupted from venomous tweets from disgusted fans. Users on Twitter expressed their disappointment over having Amy Schumer and Cara Delevingne as the frontrunners of the show.

A user called @renaesneverland claimed that while Amy Schumer was insufferable in real life, she is even worse in Only Murders in the Building.

Other Twitteratis posted along similar lines, claiming Amy Schumer ruined the show for them.

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