12 Annoying ‘Celebrities’ Hollywood Forced On Us

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These celebrities are seemingly everywhere. That only makes us hate them more. Hollywood please stop shoving these actors down our throats in the name of entertainment.


Amy Schumer

Schumer’s sense of humor is itself the butt of many jokes, which is an irony in and of itself. Moreover she is known to start unnecessary twitter fights to keep the buzz around her going. Her acting is weak in almost every big screen or small screen project she has been a part of. And yet Hollywood keeps giving us more of her even though we want it to stop.


Jaden Smith

To be honest the dude showed talent when he appeared in The Karate Kid opposite Jackie Chan. But as the years went by, Jaden Smith turned into that weirdo in school nobody likes to hang around with. Smith has also had some unsavory encounters with the Paparazzi. His Fresh Prince blood keeps bringing him back to the headlines.

Kim Kardashian


There is cringe. And then there is pure unadulterated hatred. Kim Kardashian, for most of us, lies in between that range of emotions. Make no mistake she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet, but does it excuse her from her sometimes seemingly pathetic attempts to have her name in the chyron?

Kylie Jenner

The primary reason people hate her is not because she is related to the Kardashians. The real reason people hate Kylie is because she claims herself to be a “self-made woman”. With the amount of wealth, resources, and opportunities she got because of her family name, it hardly passes as ‘self-made’. She should stop lying to herself.


Caitlyn Jenner

It takes real guts for someone to come out as a Trans-Woman. Bruce Jenner embraced his feminine side and became Caitlyn Jenner. And we will always respect that. But Jenner has become an object of hatred even amongst the LGBTQ+ community. Caitlyn Jenner tried running for the office of the Governor of California, banking on the votes of the Trans community. The campaign was ridiculed by almost everyone.

Paris Hilton


What do Paris Hilton and Osama Bin Laden have in common? Both are some of the most hated figures in American History. Hilton’s endless sex-capades, lack of any significant talent, her uninspiring interviews and her rodent like pet dog remind us of a bratty princess who lives off her parent’s fame and money. People call her “The Trash Princess”.

Kris Jenner

The Kardashian matriarch is what you call a true icon of pop-culture evil. She has been a part of more than 200 episodes of reality television. The negative publicity around her made the words “Kris Jenner Evil” become the most searched phrase in February 2018. Jenner’s seemingly lack of kindness and crudeness makes her one evil celebrity everyone loves to hate.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Her petty cat fight with Kim Cattrall aside, Sarah Jessica Parker has been called by many fans to be a very “shallow” human being. While on a show with Oprah, Parker was lauded by the host as to how she is great as a working mother taking care of a family. Parker repeatedly said that she “had a lot of help” because she’s a multi-millionaire married to another multi-millionaire. Oprah just wanted to highlight the plight of working parents but Parker was so dense she was not getting the message at all. That interview was an utter disaster.

Ariana Grande


Grande was termed overrated as a singer with very little range when it comes to her voice. And those were the words of seasoned veterans of the field. But boy did she make a blunder when she said she is not white because her family hails from Siciliy, Italy. By trying to play into the POC card, Grande gained a lot of haters. In case she missed her geography class, Sicily is in Italy. Later reports implied Grande may have undergone a procedure to change her skin tone before she made that statement.

Amber Heard

Maybe this woman had talent. Or maybe she did not. Maybe she is right or maybe she is wrong. That’s not up to us to decide. The courts will say who was on the right – Depp or Heard. The real reason we believe Hollywood forces Amber Heard on us is because when Depp is being ostracized by every major studio while the jury is still out, Amber Heard is bagging one high value project after another. The difference in treatment is appalling.


Josh Gad

We can’t put a finger on it. But we believe many will agree that Josh Gad seems to be pretty annoying as an actor. Hollywood seems to have a weird fascination with chubby American men and Josh gad seems to be a very vivid example of this phenomenon.

Vanessa Hudgens


She has tried hard to let go of that High School Musical tag. But Hudgens shows very little range in acting. the only reason she still manages to get into blockbuster projects is because she used to be one of the most famous Disney child stars of all time. Take that away and Hudgens has nothing to offer.


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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