No Man’s Sky Announces a New Update, Unfortunately Nobody Cares Since Starfield is Releasing in a Couple of Weeks

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It may not feel it, but back in 2016 Hello Games released its immensely popular sci-fi sandbox game No Man’s Sky. As most gamers remember, it was one of the biggest let-downs in recent history, due to it not containing the mechanics and features promised during its pre-release trailers and conference shows. Ever since its disappointing release Sean Murray, the director and founder of Hello Games, ended up making one of the greatest comebacks seen in gaming by releasing a ton of major updates, features and mechanics over its current seven-year run. Currently, with 24 expansions, No Man’s Sky is still pushing forward with its recent Echoes update.


What’s coming to No Man’s Sky with the Echoes update?

Hello Games dropped a recent trailer to celebrate its 7th anniversary which gives us a brief look at previous updates and a name drop for Echoes with the caption ‘Our Journey Continues’. More details have dropped since giving us an idea of what’s to come.


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An entirely new race will be introduced to the universe, with Hello games teasing a “long-hidden race of robots with rich new story content” to “breathe new life into the universe”. With this race coming to the game, you will also be able to create your own robotic avatar, earning parts by participating in mysterious rituals and completing assignments for the new race.

It doesn’t stop there, as the Echoes update will see new Pirate freighters terrorising parts of the galaxy. This will bring some extremely impressive space battles that you will be able to take on. You will also be able to build new staff with the parts that you gather to improve your mining and combat by levelling them up during your adventures.


The Echoes update will also give the game a slight overhaul to its performance, improving its stability, rendering and VR2 compatibility. Switch players should also see a slight improvement in visual quality.

No Man’s Sky Echoes will launch on all platforms 24th August 2023 as a free update to all players.

Is it time to put No Man’s Sky to bed with Starfield on the horizon?

Is Starfield going to make No Man's Sky obsolete?
Is Starfield going to make No Man’s Sky obsolete?

Seven years and 25 updates is an incredible feat, and you have to hand it to Sean Murray for doing such an amazing job with the game. But with Starfield releasing in just shy of two weeks, The Echoes update is surely to go under the radar. Fans have been dying to get their hands on Starfield ever since its first announcement back in 2018, and with Bethesda at the helm, it is sure to be one of the biggest releases for Microsoft yet.


A lot of fans were quick to compare the two games over the past few years. Starfield may not be as impressively ‘infinite’ as No Man’s Sky, but being next-gen, pretty much every other mechanic and aspect of the game is more detailed, polished and graphicly better. Any No Man’s Sky fan is itching to move on to their next adventures, and now they have the game to do it.

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Hello Games has a secret project in the works, which according to them, is “just as ambitious as No Man’s Sky”. It looks like it’s time to move their efforts onto that because their fans will be moving on in a couple of weeks.


But what do you think? Is it time for Hello Games to move on? Are you heading over to Starfield? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Jack Owen

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