“No one understands movies like he does”: Tom Cruise Used a Genius Move To Save Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation After Movie Failed At Screen Testing

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Tom Cruise bravely played the main role in how fans saw the ending of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. The Mission: Impossible series has become his most successful franchise after a huge gap of being a box-office celebrity.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation star Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation star Tom Cruise

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After the release of 2018’s most famous Mission Impossible: Fallout, many audiences started arguing that Rogue Nation is the best of the series. With its amazing locations, intense fight and action scenes, stunts, and the opening of Sean Harris as intimidating villain Solomon Lane, the movie has served fans of the Mission: Impossible series everything they could expect or imagine.


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Tom Cruise Fixed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Ending With One Move

Tom Cruise fixed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation ending scene
Tom Cruise fixed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’s ending scene

Taking the film over the success, however, is the iconic intense climax, including a standoff with Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn has a bomb attached to his chest. This climax was a satisfyingly thrilling end for the fans. But many say it could have taken off differently.

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In an interview with the MLI-centric podcast LightTheFuse, McQuarrie talked about the ending of Rogue Nation and expresses to the hosts that the actor himself sanctioned the execution of the final scene. McQuarrie, while on a call with the podcast hosts, the actor along with the editor Eddie Hamilton, thinks back to how the climax sequence was going wrong with test audiences until the actor recommended restructuring the score.

“The first cut of Rogue Nation… the audience in the first tests were saying it felt like the movie had five endings. And the response to those notes was, ‘Well, you gotta cut out some of the business at the end.’ And Tom said, ‘No no no, just listen to the music. Every scene with the temp score, it’s, duh-duh! And it feels like the movie’s over.’ And he said to Joe Kramer, ‘Just write a 20-minute piece that plays through the entire last two reels like it’s one sequence.’ And the [test] score shot up, and all the notes went away.”

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Mission: Impossible Rogue Star Tom Cruise Plays a Smart Strategy

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation action scene
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation action scene

This detail shows another idea that how the actor has become an important factor in the success of his own movies! And that’s how Tom Cruise can bring audiences back to theaters in bunches, he can really sanction the score of the last reel of a movie.


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There may be even more factors in the next two Mission Impossible movies that the actor himself made possible by recommendation. If this is the factor, then the future of blockbuster movies will be made by stars using their best ideas to boost their films. And also the sequels will be well approved same as the climax of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was released on 5th August 2015.


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