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“No way there’s gonna be just 4 white people”: Kevin Feige Reportedly Demanded Pedro Pascal in Fantastic Four for Better Representation

Kevin Feige reportedly wants to embrace diversity in the MCU by casting Pedro Pascal in Fantastic Four.

"No way there's gonna be just 4 white people": Kevin Feige Reportedly Demanded Pedro Pascal in Fantastic Four for Better Representation


  • Marvel Studios is planning to include a diverse cast in their upcoming Fantastic Four movie.
  • Insider Jeff Sneider reveals that Marvel head Kevin Feige wanted "someone of color" to play Mr. Fantastic and the movie's villain.
  • Pedro Pascal has been associated with the role of Mr. Fantastic, while Javier Bardem is rumored to play Galactus.

Marvel has kept the fans on the edge when it comes to the future projects of the MCU, one of which also includes the highly anticipated Fantastic Four movie. Despite the studio keeping details about the cast and plot under wraps, Pedro Pascal has recently become closely associated with playing Mr. Fantastic in the MCU. And insider Jeff Sneider shed light on the potential reason behind the studio’s interest in bringing The Last of Us star onboard in the recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

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Marvel Studios Wants Pedro Pascal to Keep Fantastic Four Cast Diverse

In a recent episode of The Hot Mic, insider Jeff Sneider talked about the alleged Pedro Pascal casting in the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot. According to Sneider, Marvel head Kevin Feige was concerned about a potentially overly white cast and wanted “someone of color” as Mr. Fantastic and the movie’s villain.

Fantastic Four
MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot

The Hot Mic duo has earlier emphasized that there’s “no way there’s gonna be just 4 white people” in Fantastic Four. And the studio has allegedly been planning the same, having Pascal and the Spanish actor Javier Bardem in the movie as Reed Richards and Galactus, respectively.

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Sneider also revealed that the studio hasn’t finalized the cast for all four superheroes. However, The Mandalorian star’s casting has also remained uncertain, as reports claimed that the Chilean actor’s schedule could be a conflicting factor in signing up for the MCU.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal in HBO’s The Last of Us

Pascal’s busy lineup includes a second season for the HBO series The Last of Us, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning film Gladiator, and Zach Cregger’s horror epic Weapons, among some of his upcoming projects.

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Fantastic Four Director Reacts to the Casting Rumors

In 2022, Marvel Studios announced that the WandaVision director, Matt Shakman, will be directing the Fantastic Four movie. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker reacted to the rumors surrounding the movie’s lead cast.

Matt Shakman on the set of WandaVision
Matt Shakman on the set of WandaVision

He said that similar to fans, he has also been wondering about who could play Marvel’s first family on screen. “I understand the exhaustion of the Internet rumors, but I also celebrate them, too, because I am a huge fan of the Fantastic Four,” he said, stating that he understands fans’ enthusiasm.

I understand the interest, and I support it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Shakman also said that the cast of the highly anticipated MCU film will be revealed soon, which has reportedly been delayed due to the now-resolved SAG-AFTRA strike.

Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four is set to release on May 2, 2025.

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