‘Not gonna pretend it didn’t hurt’: Ed Sheeran Was Terribly Distraught After Losing Lucrative James Bond Theme Song Deal To Billie Eilish

Ed Sheeran Was Terribly Distraught After Losing Lucrative James Bond Theme Song Deal To Billie Eilish
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When you get an opportunity of a lifetime, you try to do everything to drain every last bit of it. You work hard, dedicate your time and effort to make it worth it, and try to perfect it as much as you can. But sometimes, someone else gets to it before you, and you feel down because all that you did for it evaporates away.

Ed Sheeran
British Pop artist Ed Sheeran

But most of all, it hurts a lot when it happens.

Something similar was felt by the international pop sensation Ed Sheeran when a piece of music that he wrote for an ultra-lucrative franchise was swiped away by another international pop sensation.


What Ed Sheeran Felt Losing The James Bond Theme Song Deal

During an appearance on That Peter Crouch Podcast, the Shape Of You singer Ed Sheeran admitted that he was distraught when he found out that the James Bond: No Time To Die theme track was given to Billie Eilish. He revealed that he had started working on the title track since the film’s producer Barbara Broccoli expressed interest in bringing him on board back in 2017. This was just initial scouting to find out music producers that could provide an incredible soundtrack for the upcoming Bond movie. Ed Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp had previously advised him to take it easy with the music as music in movies is always reserved for the last.

Billie Eilish on British Vogue cover
Billie Eilish on British Vogue cover

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Leaving the music until last is exactly what pushed the opportunity directly into Billie Eilish’s lap because for the first time the order had flipped. “I was within a fucking gnat’s pube of doing one,” Ed Sheeran said. “And they changed directors and then they just changed scripts and that was it. We’d done all the meetings, I started writing it.”


By the above conversations, what Sheeran meant was the exit of Director Danny Boyle from No Time To Die, who left due to conflicts in the creative procedure with the production, giving way to Cary Joji Fukunaga to step in as the director. Along with that, the delays that were caused due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, music production had taken another long halt. During this, Billie Eilish took the chance and submitted her version of what the theme song was supposed to be like. And before they knew it, the job had fallen into her lap. Along with her brother Finneas and the world-renowned Hans Zimmer, the created the iconic James Bond theme song for No Time To Die.

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What Did This James Bond Theme Song mean For The Two Singers?

This Version of James Bond No Time To Die Sounds Epic
No Time To Die was the theme song by Billie Eilish for the 2021 James Bond film

For Eilish, No Time to Die represents a career milestone. Crafted alongside Finneas and Hans Zimmer, the original song crowned the 20-year-old singer the youngest in history to win an Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe for the same recording, while to Ed Sheeran, it will be a sour reminder about the lucrative opportunity that he had lost.


Although, not all that happened was bad. This gave Sheeran a boost into the future considerations to produce the title track for the upcoming Bond films. “But if they came back, I’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah!’” he said. keeping his hopes up.

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