Not James Gunn, David Zaslav’s Biggest Win Might Be Luring Back Christopher Nolan for WB as Director Confirms Return to Troubled Studio

Warner Brothers is interested in bringing Christopher Nolan back to the studio as he has been proven to guarantee success.

Not James Gunn, David Zaslav’s Biggest Win Might Be Luring Back Christopher Nolan for WB as Director Confirms Return to Troubled Studio


  • Christopher Nolan has been tied with Warner Bros Studios for most of his career.
  • Oppenheimer, his recent film released under Universal Pictures, has earned $948.6 million at the box office.
  • Nolan believes audiences are looking for originality and established box office dominance for years.
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Christopher Nolan, in most part of his prodigious career, has been tied with Warner Bros Studios. Well, up until now, the director’s recent flick Oppenheimer came out under the banner of Universal Pictures.

Christopher Nolan on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” | Photo: charlieanders2/Flickr
Christopher Nolan on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” | Photo: charlieanders2/Flickr

Nolan has created most of the movies in his career with Warner Brothers forming an exemplary bond since his 2002 movie Insomnia and later the Dark Knight Trilogy to 2020 movie Tenet. Now, WB is keen on bringing Nolan back to the studio as the director has been proven to guarantee success.

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Christopher Nolan Hinted His Warner Bros. Return

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan. Credit: charlieanders2

Christopher Nolan’s magic with cinema works with any studio he collaborates, Oppenheimer has proved to be the most recent yet viable example of that. The director made Universal Pictures a whopping $948.6 million. Warner Brothers has been in trouble with their most recent releases, Barbie is an exception of course, as it went on to earn $1.442 billion getting released alongside Oppenheimer. Specifically, the studio’s superhero brand DC has seen the days of darkness at the box office. They have hired James Gunn to revamp DC but his magic is far from working. 

Following his Oppenheimer success, Nolan never stopped being in the buzz as the question arises, what’s next for Nolan? And most importantly, will he come back to the studio that produced the best movies of his career? Speaking with Variety, Nolan shows positive intent for the studio. “Oh yeah, absolutely,” Nolan said of returning to the studio. “Pam and Mike and Zaslav, they’re trying to do some great things with that studio, which is encouraging to see,” he added. Interestingly, following the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, David Zaslav was appointed as the new CEO of Warner Bros Discovery. Although Nolan is hopeful to work with the new boss, only time will tell how the duo form a new bond.

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Christopher Nolan Reacted to Box Office Success of Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ starring Cillian Murphy. Credit: Universal Pictures.

It was really a spectacle to witness two giant movies with so much hype racing to climb the ladder at the box office. Barbie and Oppenheimer still worked, of course, with a bit of internet magic as both the movies came to be the pop-cultural phenomenon. “People had forgotten what it was like pre-COVID,” Nolan told Variety. “Not that long ago, there often was more than one big film opening on a weekend. That can be stressful for filmmakers, but it’s better for theaters.”

“It’s clear from the box office that audiences are looking for things they haven’t seen before. We’ve been through a period where it was wonderfully reassuring for studio executives to feel that their franchise properties could go on forever and be predictably successful. But you can’t deny filmgoers’ desire for novelty.”

Novelty and originality with splendid storytelling are bound to work, at least, the master of movie economics Nolan seems to believe it. Nolan has been a great observer of the audience and he established his box office dominance for many years with his acclaimed movies. So, evidently, he knows the root of the success of commercial cinema.

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