“Now I know he was grooming me”: Ms. Marvel Actor Mohan Kapur Accused of Grooming Underage Minor Fan, Made Her Suicidal After Sexual Harassment and Gaslighting

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It looks like a particular Marvel actor might just have opened up a can of worms for himself.


Mohan Kapur, who starred in the MCU television miniseries Ms. Marvel as Kamala Khan’s father Yusuf Khan, has recently gotten entangled in some serious accusations against him that claim he sexually harassed and groomed a 15-year-old girl. What’s more, the alleged victim also claims that the Indian actor turned the whole thing around, attempting to make her believe that she was in the wrong instead of it being the other way round.

Mohan Kapur
Mohan Kapur

Ms. Marvel is the first MCU project that Mohan Kapur has been attached to but it looks like it might as well just be his last, especially if the alleged victim decides to strike him with a legal battle.


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Ms. Marvel Star Mohan Kapur Gets Accused of Sexual Harassment 

Mohan Kapur, an Indian actor and television host, who debuted as an MCU actor after starring as Ms. Marvel’s father in the Disney+ show of the same name, is currently being accused of sexual harassment, grooming, and gaslighting an underage girl of 15 years, who recently took the matter public.

The alleged victim took to Twitter to shed light on the full story as she wrote about it through her account @Nayaaaax3, claiming how Kapur not only “took advantage” of her, but also sent her unsolicited and highly inappropriate photos of him, something that triggered her depression. As per the claims, shortly after that happened, the actor began “grooming” her under the guise of being “in love” with her.


“TW: When I was 14 years old, I was a fan of this serial actress & we became friends. Her partner at that time Mohan Kapur also became friends with me. I respected the both of them almost like 2nd parents, & told them about my stressful life. But Mohan Kapur took advantage of me.”

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Mohan Kapur as Yusuf Khan in Ms. Marvel

Mohan Kapur as Yusuf Khan in Ms. Marvel


“We constantly talked until I notice he started flirting with me. Then when I was 15 years old Mohan Kapur sent his d**k pics to me. He was apologizing nonstop & was depressed…. I forgave him. But after that he continued to harass me….Said things like how he was in love with me, wanted to marry me, wanting me to grow up to be with him, and can’t wait for me to get older so I can sleep with him. Now I know that Mohan Kapur was grooming me.”

The supposed survivor further claims that when she tried to open up about the situation to Kapur’s then-partner, the situation only worsened as she too tried to “gaslight” her even after knowing “the type of man he was.” 

Brace yourself, it only gets worse.

Mohan Kapur is Reportedly Responsible for the Victim’s Suicidal Ideation

The user claims that Kapur, 57, was indeed successful in making it all seem like it was her fault which made her inclined to think that he “really truly cared about” her, thereby making her “wanting to be his friend again.” But apparently, it only led her depression to contort into suicidal ideation.


“My depression got worst & I was planning to take my own life…. I kept on calling Mohan Kapur… he ignore my calls… and at times told me to get over it. Then completely twist the whole story to make me look like the bad person… he kept on saying that he can’t trust me…”

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Mohan Kapur faces sexual harassment allegations
Mohan Kapur faces sexual harassment allegations

She added that “the last time she talked” to him was back in 2020 when in the hopes of being able to talk to him again, she acquiesced and sent him “nude” pictures of herself because Kapur supposedly told her that he couldn’t place his faith in her anymore. But when Kapur apparently blamed her for “misconstruing chat,” the alleged victim furiously responded to him saying how it didn’t “make any sense” when he was the one “gaslighting” her all along.

“@mohankapur When I stand up for myself… you gaslight me and blame me for “misconstruing chat” and your reason for asking for my nudes was that you can prove your innocence???!! Does that even make any sense MOHAN??”

The actor is yet to react to all the aforementioned accusations against him.


Allegations Against Mohan Kapur Are Yet to be Corroborated

So far, the only thing that could be deemed as a somewhat response from the Ms. Marvel star’s side is him turning his Twitter account private post the public thrashing that he seems to have been receiving online. However, neither Kapur nor Marvel Studios have made any official statements with regard to the matter.

Meanwhile, the actor is already set to return as Ms. Marvel’s dad in Nia DaCosta‘s The Marvels which is scheduled to release next year. But if the said allegations end up taking a more legal form then Kapur’s future in the superhero franchise might end up being in jeopardy.

Ms. Marvel can be streamed on Disney+.


The Marvels will premiere on July 28, 2023.

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