Olivia Colman Reveals Her Hidden Skill At Doing 1 Impression That Would Make Even Tom Hiddleston Proud

Olivia Colman recently did a hilarious impression which will impress even Tom Hiddleston, the king of impressions.

Olivia Colman Reveals Her Hidden Skill At Doing 1 Impression That Would Make Even Tom Hiddleston Proud


  • Olivia Colman is one of the biggest English actors in the world, and is known for her brilliant comedy timing.
  • In a recent interview, she showed one of her hidden skill of impersonations.
  • Her impression was so on-point that it will make even Tom Hiddleston proud
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Olivia Colman, the powerhouse actress who seamlessly navigates between hilarious and heart-wrenching roles, is a British treasure. From her “Broadchurch” to her Oscar-nominating performances in “The Favourite” and “The Father,” she’s captivated audiences with her raw talent and versatility.

Olivia Coleman as Queen Anne in The Favourite
A still from “The Favourite”

Known for her down-to-earth personality and great humor, Colman isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself or dive headfirst into eccentric characters. But beyond her acting prowess, Colman also possesses a surprising hidden talent that would make even the master of impersonations, Tom Hiddleston, take notice.

One Can Not Miss This Olivia Colman Impression of a Pigeon

Olivia Colman in The Bear
A still from The Bear season 2

Olivia Colman and Irish actor Jessie Buckley recently appeared in an interview with Ali Plumb on BBC Radio OneThe two actors worked together on Wicked Little Letters (2023). The conversation moved to one of the movie scenes where Colman’s mother shudders! This led to a chain of hilarious impressions by Buckley, Colman, and Plumb.


Colman’s sense of humor was as always top-notch. Plumb then compared their impressions to a pigeon in 1979’s Moonraker. Colman then showed the best pigeon impression the world has ever seen. Buckley and Plumb could not control their laughter.

It’s safe to say that even the king of impressions Tom Hiddleston would praise such a talent. Hiddleston is known for impersonating stars to almost perfection, including his co-star Owen Wilson. Yet, Colman’s impression was at par with Hiddleston’s, if not better!

Have Tom Hiddleston and Olivia Colman Worked Together?

Night Manager: Olivia Colman and Tom Hiddleston
A still from “The Night Manager”

Olivia Colman and Tom Hiddleston worked together in 2016’s The Night Manager. It tells the story of Jonathan Pine, an ordinary night manager at a luxury hotel in Cairo. His life takes a dramatic turn when he gets entangled with a dangerous web of international arms trade and murder. Driven by a personal vendetta, Jonathan is recruited by an intelligence officer, played by Colman, to go undercover and infiltrate the inner circle of a powerful arms dealer, Richard Roper.


Navigating a world of deceit and danger, Jonathan must gain Roper’s trust while secretly gathering evidence and working to bring down his empire. The Night Manager can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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