On One Hand We Troll Taylor Swift for a Carbon Footprint 1800X More Than Average, On the Other We Just Made the Billionaire Singer $7.4M Richer

Taylor Swift's new album flies high in spite of her being trolled for her unreal carbon emissions

Taylor Swift carbon footprint
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  • Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Department has managed a mind boggling 2 billion streams already.
  • The Cardigan singer is all set to earn $7.4 million just from these streams on Spotify.
  • She has managed this feat in spite of being at the heart of controversy due to the increased use of her private jet, leading to grave amounts of carbon emissions.
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There are not many stars who can match the love commanded by Taylor Swift from her fans. The singer has seen it all, an ascent to fame that would see her rise to the top of the industry, a fall that would leave her scarring for quite some time, and a resurgence people will speak tales of. She really is an icon.


The chronicles of Taylor Swift are never-ending. Even though she has found herself on the wrong side of the media at times, that has not dampened her prospects even a little. Her recent achievement is a testament to how the surrounding noise matters little to Swift (and Swifties).

Taylor Swift can’t stay away from the limelight

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift created waves with her Eras Tour

‘Taylor Swift makes headlines’ is not a headline anymore. Arguably one of the biggest names of the present generation, the 34-year-old is no stranger to being the talk of the town, for both good reasons and bad. The year 2024 was no different.


Last year, Swift found herself in the limelight for The Eras Tour, a tour that made her one of the most valuable singers of all time. A blockbuster concert tour, which is still very much in progress, has already seen the Look What You Made Me Do singer earn $1 billion in ticket sales, catapulting her to the Hall of Fame. But that is not the only thing that made people bat an eye.

Taylor Swift’s unreal carbon footprint is a cause of worry

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift tops the list of celebrities contributing to carbon emissions via their private jets

Taylor Swift, just like many of her contemporaries, is guilty of resorting to the use of private jets for traveling. And this has put her in the eye of the storm. Fans have found it difficult to digest that the Cardigan singer is causing irreparable damage to the environment, burning nearly 3000 tons of Carbon Dioxide, which is 1800 times more than that done by an average person.

Some stats, aren’t they?


Swift has been drawing flak for the emissions caused by her over the years. After all 1800x more emissions than average is not a feat that many people can boast of achieving. Fans have shown their discontent time and again, especially as Swift has campaigned for the need to regulate carbon emissions. Many label her a hypocrite, and as it turns out, her fans are not behind her.

Taylor Swift still marches on

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department hits unreal milestone

In spite of the flak that Taylor Swift has drawn for her off-the-charts carbon emissions, she is still managing pretty well when it comes to propelling her career to the next level. Her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, has had an off-the-charts performance. The album has already hit 2 billion streams.



If one were to take a cue from her past earnings of $97 million off 26.1 billion streams, these 2 billion streams would translate into approximately $7.4 million in revenue. And that too in less than a month.

The Lover singer’s carbon footprint might be a bone of contention for many, as it should be. But turns out, even that can’t stand in the way of her success.


Written by Smriti Sneh

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