One Fan Theory Makes Madame Web Look Like the Victim of a Deal Gone Wrong Between Sony and Marvel Over the Spider-Man IP

'Madame Web''s ambitions falter amid Sony-Marvel's Spider-Man deal due to Peter Parker's absence.

One Fan Theory Makes Madame Web Look Like the Victim of a Deal Gone Wrong Between Sony and Marvel Over the Spider-Man IP


  • 'Madame Web''s ambition to embody a Spider-Man film is hindered by the limitations of the IP deal between Sony and Disney.
  • Despite Peter Parker's absence in 'Madame Web', connections to his legacy endure through characters such as his uncle Ben, and mother, Mary Parker.
  • The 2015 deal between Sony and Marvel Studios integrated Spider-Man into the MCU, establishing him as a pivotal superhero.
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In the wake of the highly anticipated release of Madame Web, a crucial puzzle piece has remained unsolved in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Since Sony Pictures struck a groundbreaking deal to integrate Spider-Man into the MCU, the studio has embarked on a journey to establish its franchise featuring related characters.


Madame Web emerges as the latest addition to this cinematic landscape, following in the footsteps of hits like Venom and Morbius.

Madame Web
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

Like its predecessors, Madame Web delves into a character originally intertwined with Spider-Man in Marvel Comics. However, due to the intricacies of Sony’s agreement with Marvel Studios, the narrative must navigate the conspicuous absence of Peter Parker.


One prevailing fan theory posits that Madame Web‘s cinematic adaptation may have fallen victim to the intricate negotiations between Sony and Marvel over Spider-Man’s rights.

Sony’s Spider-Verse Explored A Critical Void Through Madame Web

Madame Web
Madame Web

As Madame Web swings into theaters, it cements its position as the fourth installment within Sony’s sprawling Spider-Man Universe. Yet, the film grapples with a striking dilemma. Despite its extensive exploration of characters from various eras of Spider-Man comics, the absence of Peter Parker looms large.

One prevailing fan theory posits that, owing to the intricacies of the Disney-Sony deal, Marvel Studios retains exclusive rights to feature Peter Parker in live-action adaptations. The deal left Sony in a precarious position of navigating their narrative without the iconic protagonist.


Despite Sony’s concerted efforts to interweave Spider-Man‘s universe through the introduction of villains, their cinematic universe remains conspicuously devoid of its rendition of Peter Parker. This void is keenly felt, particularly within the highly anticipated Madame Web, where Parker’s absence diminishes the film’s overall impact.

Starring Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, the narrative unfolds as she grapples with newfound clairvoyant abilities following a life-altering accident. While Peter Parker may be absent from Madame Web‘s narrative canvas, subtle connections to his legacy persist through characters like his uncle, Ben Parker, and his mother, Mary Parker.


Despite these attempts to infuse the essence of Spider-Man into the storyline, Sony’s endeavor to revitalize its Spider-Verse with Madame Web ultimately falls short of expectations. Disappointed fans eagerly await the day when Sony’s Spider-Man Universe will finally introduce its own iteration of Peter Parker.

Sony’s Dual Approach in Integrating Spider-Man into the MCU while Expanding the Spider-Verse

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Following a string of underperforming Spider-Man films, Sony struck a pivotal deal with Marvel, granting the iconic web-slinger access to the prestigious Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Sony retained the rights to explore ancillary characters from Spider-Man comics, a move that laid the groundwork for what has come to be known as the Spider-Verse.

This agreement, forged in 2015, saw Sony collaborate with Marvel Studios to seamlessly integrate Peter Parker’s Spider-Man into the MCU fold. Tom Holland‘s debut as the beloved wall-crawler in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War marked the beginning of Spider-Man’s journey as one of the MCU’s most integral characters.


Concurrently, Sony embarked on a parallel venture, laying the foundation for a series of films centered around Spidey’s rogues’ gallery and supporting characters. This initiative has seen the release of movies featuring iconic villains such as Venom, Carnage, and Morbius.

Despite the intense focus on villains deeply entwined with Spider-Man lore, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe conspicuously lacks its rendition of Peter Parker. This glaring absence has fueled speculation among fans, with many theorizing that Peter Parker’s inclusion could catalyze Madame Web‘s success within Sony’s cinematic universe.


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