“One of my dreams come true will be happening”: Jason Momoa Confirms More Epic Aquaman Stories Under James Gunn, Can Barely Keep Calm After Henry Cavill Returns

Jason Momoa Confirms More Epic Aquaman Stories Under James Gunn, Can Barely Keep Calm After Henry Cavill Returns
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Aquaman star Jason Momoa indicates that the establishment of DC Studios would bring a long-awaited DC Universe project to fruition. When it comes to television and film assets, 2022 has been one of the toughest years for the DC brand.

A glimpse from Aquaman
A glimpse from Aquaman

The recent announcement that director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran would be taking over as co-heads of Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC Film, TV, and Animation divisions was met with an enthusiastic response from fans, and it appears that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Jason Momoa is just as excited.

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Jason Momoa is enthusiastic about the change in the hierarchy of DC studios

The Arrowverse/DC TV property suffered a major setback when The CW canceled Stargirl, Naomi, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. Warner Bros. Discovery also sent shockwaves through Hollywood by canceling the Batgirl film that had been in the works for HBO Max, even though principal production had wrapped in the spring, as the studio attempted to capitalize on a tax write-off to help pay off their $3 billion in debt.

While the changes have raised concerns about the future of the DC brand, Warner Bros. Discovery is not giving up on the superhero industry anytime soon. Following the retirement of Walter Hamada as CEO of DC Films, Warner Bros. Discovery is pushing forward with DC Studios, with The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn and Peter Safran slated as co-CEOs.

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

James Gunn and Peter Safran began supervising TV, film, and animation under the new endeavor on November 1, and Gunn fittingly marked his first day with a post of a Superman comic panel.

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While their intentions have yet to be announced in detail to the public, it looks like one long-time DCU actor will see one of their dream projects come true. Aquaman and Justice League actor Jason Momoa replied to DC Studios being founded with Gunn and Safran as the heads in a recent interview, giving nothing but respect for the two leads while also revealing that “one of my dreams” is happening under their guidance.


What is Jason Momoa’s dream project?

While Momoa is returning to the DC Universe in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which has been pushed back to December 2023, it has been unclear what comes next for the actor in the franchise. Given the lack of specifics from James Gunn and Peter Safran, as well as the fact that they haven’t revealed what they want to do with DCU, it appears to be something Momoa has wanted to see for quite some time.

Jason Mamoa and Henry Cavill
Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill

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That was all he was prepared to say, but there’s already speculation that Momoa was hinting at another Justice League film. While that is one possibility, there are clearly many more – however, it’s definitely safe to assume that whatever this secret project is, it will feature his character!


With Henry Cavill returning to the DC Universe as Superman in Black Adam and Wonder Woman 3 making significant progress, it would be exciting for fans of the franchise if Jason Momoa is teasing a Justice League or a DCU-related movie that puts all of these characters back together in some way. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Momoa’s DCU dream project is made public.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comes out on 25 December 2023.

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