One Piece Chapter 1104 Reveals Kuma’s Real Secret That Even Left Vegapunk in Pure Disbelief

Kuma's Real Secret Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1104.

One Piece Chapter 1104 Reveals Kuma’s Real Secret That Even Left Vegapunk in Pure Disbelief


  • As a result of its intriguing turns and discoveries, the Egghead Island arc stands out among One Piece's best storylines.
  • One Piece chapter 1104 disclosed that Saturn intended to implant a self-destruct switch in Kuma in addition to turning him into a cyborg.
  • The most recent chapter explained how Kuma managed to escape his control after his plan backfired.
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The Egghead Island arc has had some interesting revelations and twists that have made it one of the best arcs of One Piece. From Saturn’s power to Kuma’s history, a major chunk of information has been revealed in the recent chapters of the series. Fans have been excited to see what the next chapter will bring for the story.

kuma and bonney in Eiichiro Oda's magnum opus
Kuma and Bonney

The most important aspect of the Egghead Island arc is probably Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney’s past depiction which was not only emotional but also showed how low the higher-ups of the World Government can go. They experimented on Kuma and on Ginny, which led to her death because of the disease.

Chapter 1104 of One Piece revealed that Saturn not only wanted to change Kuma into a cyborg but also wanted to plant a self-destruct switch in him that would destroy him in an instant. However, his plan failed and Kuma was able to come out of his control, and the latest chapter revealed how he was able to do that.


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Saturn Wanted to Plant a Self-Destruct Switch in Kuma

One Piece chapter 1102 disclosed that Saturn had given Vegapunk the order to implant a self-destruct switch on Kuma before the Summit War at Marineford. Vegapunk protested, but Saturn persisted, asserting his dominance. Citing his expertise in spotting dishonesty as a fellow scientist, he demanded that Kuma’s entire will be removed. 

This shows that the Celestial Dragon was incredibly afraid of Kuma, based on the numerous safety measures he was taking. However, Vegapunk planted a self-destruct button, which did not destroy Kuma but rather completely shut him down. 

One Piece chapter 1103 showcases Kuma aiming a punch at Saint Jaygarcia Saturn
Kuma aiming a punch at Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

All of this, though, was ineffective because Kuma was still able to get to Egghead Island and punch Saturn in the face, sending him flying into a building and causing him to lose a limb. However, no one knows how Kuma could override his shutdown switch and act on his own will. But, a hint from Chapter 1104 may have revealed Kuma’s secret.

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Kuma’s Real Secret Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1104

When Kuma arrived at Egghead Island and punched Saturn in the face, Vegapunk was shocked and was not able to formulate how Kuma could have done this as he should have been in a vegetative state after the self-destruct button was pressed by Saturn. However, while talking about this Vegapunk dropped a hint.

Kuma Shocks Vegapunk
Kuma Shocks Vegapunk

In Chapter 1104 Vegapunk says “There is no reason he should have sprung into motion and no logical scientific basis for his arrival at this island where Bonney is! it is not the physical strength of the Buccaneers that makes them remarkable.. for at one point in time, they…” This proves that the major point of strength within the Buccaneers is not physical but either mental or emotional.

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According to this, Buccaneers who are known for their sheer strength and size, may have a much stronger mental or emotional state of mind. Also at one point in time, they did something that has yet to be revealed. Kuma was not only able to override the self-destruct switch but also was able to protect Bonney with everything he had. Now hopefully, the upcoming chapters will put more focus on this and explain it more redundantly.


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