One Piece Chapter 1114: Eiichiro Oda Gets Closer to Revealing the Truth About Joy Boy – Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 1114 Spoilers reveals more details about Dr. Vegapunk's anticipated message.

joy boy in one piece chapter 1114


  • The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1114 have recently been released online, revealing some intriguing new information.
  • Dr. Vegapunk shares some fascinating information concerning Joy Boy, the Mother Flame, and the Void Century.
  • While little is revealed about the Void Century and Mother Flame, he makes a significant claim concerning Joy Boy and his abilities.
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Warning: Spoilers Ahead


The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1114 have recently been shared online, and they have brought with them some interesting new revelations that might once again add a new perspective to the One Piece narrative, just like chapter 1113 did when it was released. The spoilers were primarily focused on Dr. Vegapunk’s message.

One Piece has entered it's final arc
One Piece

According to the spoilers, Dr. Vegapunk reveals the details of three things in his message. He mentions the Void Century, Joy Boy, and the Mother Flame. While not much is disclosed about the Void Century and Mother Flame in the chapter, it does make a pretty big claim about Joy Boy and the powers that he had 900 years ago.


The spoilers also focus on the reactions of the people to Dr. Vegapunk’s message. While some fans are excited that the chapter, which is scheduled to be released on May 12, 2024, will reveal more secrets, others are sad because the chapter won’t focus on the battle that is currently going on at Egghead Island.

Eiichiro Oda Reveals Joy Boy’s Powers to the One Piece Fandom

The last chapter 1113 of Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece was a mixed narrative of the ongoing fight at Egghead Island and Vegapunk revealing his message to the entire world. As the Straw Hats fought the Five Elders, Dr. Vegapunk made the shocking disclosure that the entire One Piece world was going to sink into the sea.

However, the spoilers for Chapter 1114 shared by @pewpiece on X only uncover the rest of the message from Dr. Vegapunk.


In the message, the most important detail shared by the scientist is the abilities of Joy Boy. Vegapunk reveals that Joy Boy was from the ancient kingdom 900 years ago, and he had the powers of stretching.

Dr. Vegapunk's Message in One Piece
Dr. Vegapunk’s Message in One Piece

Therefore, it has been officially confirmed that Joy Boy and Luffy have similar powers, thus establishing a connection between the two. This unlocks a lot of mysteries and theories about Luffy’s newfound powers, and more details about them will be shared after the second round of spoilers find their way to the internet.


Other Details Revealed About Vegapunk in Chapter 1114

Although the biggest revelation in Chapter 1114 is certainly the disclosure of Joy Boy and his powers to the One Piece world, Vegapunk has also shared some other intriguing details in his message. He pointed out that Joy Boy was from the Ancient Kingdom, a secretive nation that has been erased from the history of the world.

Joyboy's Straw hat
Joyboy’s Straw hat

He also talks about the events of the Void Century but makes it clear that he does not know much about them. This may be disappointing for fans, as Vegapunk was the best chance for One Piece fans to know more about the Void Century in the Egghead arc. Now they have to wait for another arc to start.

The spoilers also talk about the Mother Flame, but they only clarify the exact spelling of the substance. Additionally, the chapter shows some reactions from other characters in One Piece, just like it did in Chapter 1113. While the spoilers give a pretty good grasp of the upcoming chapter, fans will have to wait until May 12, 2024, to find out more about the current narrative of One Piece.


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