One Piece Theory Confirms Eiichiro Oda Might Already Have Plans for His Characters’ Biggest Weaknesses

A theory that surfaced on X talks about how parents in One Piece sacrifice for the next generation.

One Piece Theory Confirms Eiichiro Oda Might Already Have Plans for His Characters’ Biggest Weaknesses


  • A new fan theory for One Piece might help readers figure out how the manga might end
  • The theory is based in a dialogue delivered by Dragon in Chapter 1101
  • Parents in the manga end up sacrificing themselves for their children, reinforcing the themes of the story
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One Piece is a piece of work that has been meticulously crafted by its author Eiichiro Oda. Many motifs and themes have been repeated throughout the story in its 25-year-long history. One interesting fan theory, brought forward by X (formerly Twitter) user @WorstGenHQ points towards an interesting recurring motif that could be key to figuring out the story arcs for certain characters.

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Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece

According to the theory, a quote by Dragon/Kuma is its basic principle. It focuses on the statement that ‘A child is their Parent’s weak spot’. The theory goes to great lengths to pull from the story, textual evidence to support itself. The theorist wishes to say that this statement will have a big impact on the story in the future.


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The theory provides a slew of examples of what the line could entail from One Piece Chapter 1101

Whitebeard – One Piece

In their theory, @WorstGenHQ takes the time to go through the text of One Piece to put together a list of incidents that involve parents and their children, where the parents eventually end up sacrificing themselves for the next generation, reinforcing the theme of a better world for those who are yet to come.


Pointing out that children’s parents in the series have actively set aside strategy and tact when it comes to their kids, the theorist brought to light Whitebeard’s assault on Marinford for Ace, Belle’s sacrifice for Nami and Nojiko, Hiriluk’s sacrifice for Chopper, among the many other instances of the same. Given that the anime has entered its final arc, it is completely possible this theory could bear food sooner than expected.

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What could this mean for the finale of One Piece?

One Piece has entered it's final arc
One Piece

The theory proposed by the X user hints at a bigger theme that might play a role in these final stages of the story. Luffy and his friends have come across a fair share of children too, and have also reaffirmed their commitment to a future free from the authoritarian Marines, a future where people are free and just.

What remains to be seen is how this theory might play into the story, whether in the form of redemption of the enemy or in the form of a choice that the heroes make in the end. One Piece is a property that explores its themes with the utmost care and rigor, making it a story that is perhaps worth studying more deeply. Such theories as the one that is presented bring a new dimension to the story, and Eiichiro Oda knows how important it is to allow fans to engage with the narrative, simply beyond consuming the content.


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