One Piece Theory Reveals Zoro Will Enter God Mode When He Opens His Left Eye

Zoro's new power-up could be linked to him opening his left eye, which has been closed since the time skip.

One Piece Theory Reveals Zoro Will Enter God Mode When He Opens His Left Eye


  • In 'One Piece', Eiichiro Oda's creator obscures secrets in small details, like with Roronoa Zoro.
  • Zoro lost his left eye after a two-year break where he went through rigorous training under Mihawk.
  • According to fan theory, Zoro would step into the realm of gods once he opened his left eye.
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One of the prominent reasons One Piece has hailed over other anime for more than two decades is the ability of Oda sensei to keep its readers and viewers shrouded in mystery. Eiichiro Oda’s writing always raises some questions that excites fans to watch further and find out what happens next.

Zoro vs Kaido
Roronoa Zoro

Zoro’s left eye is one of the many mysteries that fans have been pondering for quite a while now. According to a popular theory, Zoro would have Godlike powers at his disposal once he opened his left eye, which has been shut since the time skip.

Zoro would be bestowed with Godlike powers when he opens his left eye in One Piece

Zoro and his fellow crewmates docked at the Sabaody Archipelago but were attacked by the navy, forcing them to run. Luckily, Bartholomew Kuma saved them by relocating them to different locations.


The place Zoro would end up is none other than Kuraigana Island. There, he received training from Dracule Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman. After a time skip of two years where he trained rigorously under Mihawk, he returned, only for fans to be baffled to see that Zoro had lost his eye.

Since Zoro appeared with a closed eye, fans and viewers have gathered myriad clues and theories on how Zoro, the acclaimed swordsman, lost his eye and what Oda sensei could be teasing us with.

Reddit user u/Willster328 came up with a theory proclaiming that Zoro will have Godlike powers whenever he decides to use his left eye, which has been closed since the time skip.

Zoro vs Mihawk
Zoro vs Mihawk

According to the theory, the left eye could be similar to ties to Asura, a one-eyed being, a higher dimension, a unique eye like something from Naruto, or a time-release power that Mihawk imposed.

The theory further states that Zoro is using his right eye as much as possible to train; this might be due to Zoro’s dominant and strong vision coming from his left eye and, ultimately, to make his right eye stronger than ever.

Oda sensei is a master at work and would have planned something extravagant for a character like Zoro, who is prominent in the story.


What’s happening in One Piece?

With the cessation of One Piece in hindsight, Oda sensei is going all in and not holding back, with each chapter getting more and more intense. Currently, the series is in its final saga, where the very first arc of the series, the Egghead arc, is about to be wrapped up.

The Straw Hat’s next destination might be Elbaf, the country of giants, and we could also see the long-awaited appearance of Loki, the prince of giants. Oda sensei has always foreshadowed him, and we have also seen glimpses of him.

Bounties in One Piece
Bounties in One Piece

As for the anime counterpart, it has just started its journey of Egghead or Future Island, and it will take some time before it catches up to its manga.


A franchise reboot has been announced, and it will be done by WIT Studio, which has experience animating masterpieces such as Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan.

You can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll.


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