One Piece’s Dedication to its Source Material Might Lead to 1 Character’s Untimely Departure

One Piece Live-Action Might Have To Remove One Character in Second Season.

One Piece's Dedication to its Source Material Might Lead to 1 Character's Untimely Departure


  • Fans of One Piece live-action have high hopes for the second season because the first season showed that it was worthy of the One Piece name.
  • However, one One Piece character may leave as a result of the growth of the Alabasta saga and the storylines it contains.
  • That character is none other than Koby, who appeared on film somewhat more frequently during the first season.
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Netflix’s One Piece live-action has made its place along with the anime and manga by giving the audience exactly what they wanted. With the perfect cast, storyline development, edits, and other elements, the series probably became the first successful live-action adaptation. This led to Netflix giving a green signal for the second season.

One Piece live-action series on Netflix
One Piece live-action series on Netflix

As the first season proved itself worthy of the One Piece name, fans have a lot of expectations from the second season of One Piece live-action as it will bring to life one of the most important and thrilling sagas of the original series: The Alabasta Saga. One Piece fans know the significance of this saga on the future of the story. 

However, the creation and development of the Alabasta saga and the arcs that it contains may result in the departure of one character of One Piece who built a significant role in the first season. That character is none other than Koby, who got much more screen time in the first season than he got in the first half of One Piece anime.


Koby Might Not Make it To Second Season of Netflix’s One Piece

The East Blue saga was successfully tackled in the first season, but what happens in the upcoming season will be the real litany of events for the live-action series. The Alabasta saga will include a ton of new characters, tales, and story arcs to explore. Because of this, there won’t be as much time spent on unique narratives as there was in the first season of the show with Koby and his adventure with the Marines. 

Although Koby’s training had been briefly referred to in Eiichiro Oda’s original manga, we didn’t fully meet him until much later, as he broke up with Luffy soon after his introduction. However, the Marine training Koby underwent in the live-action was a novel addition to One Piece on Netflix.

Morgan Davies as Koby
Morgan Davies as Koby in One Piece

But the Alabasta Saga has many more important events and incidents that need to be covered if the creators want to make the second season as successful as the first one. Therefore, the inclusion of such B-plots won’t work for One Piece live-action this time.


Alabasta Saga Has A Lot To Cover in Second Season of Netflix’s One Piece

There won’t be much time in Alabasta to devote to the characters’ individual growth because there will be so many situations and characters to keep in balance. Alabasta’s story revolves around a few main arcs, each of which needs to be introduced in full to highlight the significance of each character for further installments. 

Alabasta Saga
Alabasta Saga

Characters like Ace, Crocodile, Vivi, Chopper, and most significantly, Nico Robin will appear in these upcoming storylines. Secondary characters like Dr. Kureha and Whale Laboon will also appear in the plot. 

In addition, characters from the One Piece manga that will reappear later in the narrative, such as Dorry and Brogy, will be included too making it difficult for the series to add its own development. Therefore, it will cause the live-action to cut off characters who don’t hold any kind of importance in the Alabasta saga, and that includes Koby.


You can watch One Piece Live-Action on Netflix.


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