Toei Animation Once Again Faces Backlash for Lazy Work on One Piece Anime

Reusing frames has made the 'One Piece' fandom furious with Toei Animation.

Toei Animation Once Again Faces Backlash for Lazy Work on One Piece Anime


  • Toei Animation has faced backlash from the fans after reusing frames from a past episode in the latest episode of 'One Piece' anime.
  • The 'One Piece' fandom is pretty vocal with their feedback and this lazy side of the animation studio was address by them on social media platform.
  • While some fans feel it was lazy of them to reuse frames, the others feel it was clever of them to reuse them as a means of cost efficiency.
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The MAPPA controversy has left a poor aftertaste for the fans with their animation. It had several anime under its contract, including Jujutsu Kaisen, which suffered badly. Even though several anime were in turmoil, Toei Animation maintained its position as one of the top animation studios with One Piece under its contract.


The fans have appreciated Toei Animation for the amazing work they did during the Wano arc, especially with the Raid on Onigashima. But the latest One Piece episode has a certain section of the fandom fuming with how lazy they have been lately. The fans were quite vocal with their concern and used various forums and social media platforms to address their issues with the latest episode.

One Piece Episode 1093 Has Earned A Bad Name For Toei Animation

Toei Animation took down Uncle Roger's Video
Toei Animation

Toei Animation is one of the oldest animation studios in Japan and likewise, they have been maintaining their standards since their inception. But after One Piece episode 1093, it has somewhat tarnished its goodwill among the fandom. Episode 1093 featured a scene where Fleet Admiral Akainu was seen standing on the balcony with his coat behind his back. Fans noticed that it was copied from episode 1081.


The only change was the color palate. The latest episode had a lighter tone, while the previous one had a darker tone. Reusing of frames has not been a hit among the fans, and they are outright calling Toei Animation lazy. The One Piece fandom is pretty vocal with their feedback. If the animation studio does a great job, they appreciate them and shower them with love. But in this case, it is the opposite.

toei animation peaked during wano arc
Toei Animation peaked during Wano Arc

After a massive performance from them during the Wano arc, the reusing of frames has angered the fans. They love One Piece and do not want to see any kind of compromise being made with their favorite anime. Even though a certain section of the fans feel violated by the latest animation, the other section feels it was clever of Toei Animation to reuse the frames in episode 1093.


Many Feels Toei Animation Was Clever In Reusing The Frames

While one section of the fans feels it was lazy of Toei Animation to reuse the frames from episode 1081, the other one feels it to be the perfect thing. According to them, Akainu would not appear for quite some time, so instead of increasing the budget to work on new frames, they just used the old frames. It is efficient and plays out perfectly for everyone.

one piece - luffy
One Piece

Previously, Toei Animation same some issues with the fans complaining about Jewelry Bonney’s shirtless scene, especially after knowing she is twelve years old. Moreover, the animation studio did have some work to do with the color palate and the background. So, calling them lazy is not appropriate.

It shows how seriously the One Piece fandom takes the animation. Even the animation studio has got an idea about them. From a rational viewpoint, it feels alright, but from a fan’s viewpoint, they always want the best. After the backlash, Toei Animation will likely be careful with their animation in the future and bring out the best every time, which they have done since their inception.


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