Oscar Isaac’s Funny Hippopotamus Song is Why We Love Him So Much

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Oscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, who’s also a lead star in the recent Marvel series Moon Knight that aired on Disney+, was seen in the recent episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Oscar Issac and Jimmy Fallon
Oscar Issac in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

While they had a good conversation, Oscar astounded the fans by playing guitar and singing the Hippopotamus during the show.


Oscar Issac’s Journey with Disney+ series Moon Knight

Oscar's role in Moon Knight
Oscar Issac and his role in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac has established himself as one of the most versatile Hollywood actors in the industry and his leading role in the latest Marvel Studios series Moon Knight is the proof.

Audiences first meet Isaac in the role of Steven Grant, who works at a museum gift shop and is borderline obsessed with Egyptian mythology. But Grant’s life takes a new turn when the character learns that he possesses the second identity in the form of an ex-mercenary named Marc Spector, who is also an avatar of the Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance, Khonshu.


Oscar Issac also broke the stereotype of Marvel heroes as they are often presented as individuals with relatable flaws who would still be able to do extraordinary things. But in Moon Knight, the hero’s origin story is rooted in the character’s journey to integrate his multiple identities, effectively adding a new level of complexity to Isaac’s performance of Steven Grant and Marc Spector.

In an interview with NBC News, Oscar told, “The journey of that and the integration of these two personalities, in particular of these two alters…That is the journey of healing and living with a dissociative identity disorder.


Viewers have already seen Oscar’s acting through these characters. But the main highlight point came when the show was about to end. We saw Oscar playing a third character of the series which was Jake Lockley.

It was a big risk doing this kind of wild character, but I did see that there was a chance to do something that I hadn’t done yet,” Isaac said. “Unless you’re risking something, I think it’s not that interesting to do or to watch”


Oscar’s “Hippopotamus” Song

Oscar singing the Hippopotamus song
Oscar singing the Hippopotamus song

Oscar Issac in the latest TV appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon showed his singing skills by singing the “Hippopotamus” song. Well, Hippopotamus, is one of the Moon Knight’s important characters, that is, Goddess Taweret who helped Marc and Steven in their journey to the Field of Reeds.

Oscar’s funny Hippopotamus song was loved by fans and their reactions show it.


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