‘Comedy has always worked better with restrictions’: Eternals Star Patton Oswalt Believes Comedians Must Evolve With Time, Says Thrill Lies in Working Around Taboo Content

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Patton Oswalt recently spoke about how his comedy has to fight various things like wokeness and cancel culture in America. Patton Oswalt is a notable actor and screenwriter but his career mainly focuses on being a comedian. The actor who was recently spotted in Eternals by Marvel expressed in a recent interview about how restrictions make the comedy better and if there are no restrictions there will be no thrill in doing it.

Patton Oswalt on Woke
Patton Oswalt

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What’s Patton Oswalt’s take on Wokeness and Cancel Culture?

Patton Oswalt on Woke and cancel culture
Patton Oswalt all set to make his directorial debut with We All Scream

Patton Oswalt was approached by The Hollywood Reporter for an interview where he was asked that is it a concern for him if any of his statements on the stage lies out of context where he answered that the comedians deserve “context” in what they say and not should be canceled without context.


“I think that comedians deserve context in what they say. You shouldn’t just ‘cancel’ out of context, but I also think comedians have a responsibility to evolve and to try to push things forward. And pushing the envelope doesn’t mean digging your feet in while the envelope moves forward — you should be ahead of that envelope, that’s how you should be pushing it.”

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So the comedian believes that it is also up to the comedian to improve themselves and talk more cleverly in ways by which they can express what they want. He even further addressed that the Woke culture is not new and it’s persistent since the 80s, so it’s not new and you should always continue to progress:

“And again, the whole battle over wokeness, it’s nothing new. This happened in the ’80s, it happened in the ’90s and it’ll happen again in another form. That’s what I was talking about [in the special]. I do a joke about in the future, what am I going to be canceled for? And you don’t know, but you want to at least try to keep progressing.”

It is evident from Patton Oswalt’s statements that he feels that society can’t be blamed for change but it is up to the comedian to grow up and improve their skills so that they can tackle any situation.


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Why are Restrictions important for Comedy?

Patton Oswalt eternals
Patton Oswalt played the role of Pip in Marvel Studios Eternals

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According to Patton Oswalt, restrictions are important for comedy as they don’t work without them. If everything is allowed then there is no thrill in it. No comic can be felt without the thrill involved:


“The other thing I’d say is that comedy has always worked better with restrictions. Think of the restrictions that Richard Pryor and George Carlin had, and before them, Lenny Bruce, and they found clever, brilliant ways around whatever the restrictions were, that’s what made it so fun and thrilling.”

The main point of him is that working under taboo and restrictions make a comedian explore more clever ways and creates scope for improvement. He is all set to release his Netflix special We All Scream on September 20, where he is also serving as the executive producer along with David Rath, Neal Marshall, and Marcus Raboy, as well as the director of the special.

Patton Oswalt’s 4th Netflix Special “We All Scream” will premiere on September 20, 2022

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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