“PC Gamers now knowing that bullying Sony works”: Fans Want a Bloodborne PC Port after Helldivers 2 Victory – Is it Getting Out of Hand?

History has proven how playing god has never ended well for anyone.

"PC Gamers now knowing that bullying Sony works": Fans Want a Bloodborne PC Port after Helldivers 2 Victory - Is it Getting Out of Hand?


  • The gaming community is celebrating a huge win as payers manage to make Sony back off into bringing a significant change to Helldivers 2.
  • However, the situation might be getting out of hand as fans have started realising the position they hold in the industry.
  • This has prompted many to demand for a Bloodborne PC port, something which has been asked for ever since the game came out.
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The gaming community has been celebrating ever since players were able to make Sony take back a major change they planned to introduce to Helldivers 2. While the victory is indeed a significant achievement, it seems the situation might get out of control soon as players realize they have a concrete way of pressuring a studio into fulfilling certain demands.

A still from Helldivers 2
Players managed to make Sony back-off in regards to Helldivers 2

It was a struggle of three days and felt no less than a tragic play by William Shakespeare before the studio finally announced on May 6th that it would be backtracking on its announcement which was posted earlier. The means of getting here can be considered equally brutal bearing in mind how the players have.

How Players Will Be Soon Abusing A Power That They Never Once Had

PC has always been a common ground for people to discuss ever since the concept of different platforms in gaming came into being. With the heat between the likes of PlayStation and Xbox growing every single day, PC gamers enjoy a comfortable spot in the middle, even often enjoying first-party games from both sides being ported and made available on vendors like Steam. A fine example of the same would be the upcoming launch of Ghost of Tsushima, a PS exclusive that is making its way to PC soon on 16th May.


However, this also means when the sanctuary of these gamers is disturbed, there will be no holding back, something everybody got to witness in the recent case of Helldivers 2, where all hell broke lose and players coordinated to review bomb the title on Steam, forcing Sony to take their decision back once and for all.

A still from Helldivers 2
PC players intentionally tanked the reviews of their favourite game
Helldivers 2 is getting a new Cape to remember its biggest controversy.

Unfortunately, now that the players have realized how they possibly hold a higher ground than giant gaming studios, greed will soon take over. Demands, often absurd, are imminent to rise often starting from now, in hopes that Microsoft and Sony will comply with a hanging sword over their heads, which consists of hundreds of thousands of players ready to review bomb any game at any given time.


Fans Now Demand A Bloodborne PC Port After Historic Helldivers 2 Victory

Cover for Bloodborne

Bloodborne, a title directed by the beloved Hidetaka Miyazaki has been the center of focus many different times as the PlayStation-exclusive game from 2015 is yet to receive a sequel, remake, or even a port to a PC. Despite not being able to do anything about the situation before, it seems now fans are beginning to realize how they can potentially ‘bully‘ Sony into somehow bringing the game to PC.



While the strategy might just work, history has proven how the misuse of power has never turned out to be for good and generally has unintended consequences that no none could have seen coming. The ideal advice for players right now should be to sit tight and use Helldivers 2 victory as an example set in stone to display what would happen if a company tries to commit any wrongdoings against their own player base.


Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.

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