Peaky Blinders: 5 Best Quotes According To Reddit


The final season of BBC’s hit show Peaky Blinders is now available for streaming worldwide via Netflix, and fans couldn’t be happier knowing there is still a movie on the way. For six seasons, we have witnessed the Shelby family and the ups and downs of running an entire city under their command.

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Be it a protagonist or villain, each character has a distinct tone that brings conviction to every word they utter. Fans from Reddit share their favorite lines from the Peaky Blinders show:


“I Don’t Pay For Suits. My Suits Are On The House, Or The House Burns Down.” (Thomas Shelby)

Tommy Shelby peaky blinders

When you have the power in your hands, you take advantage of it by having an endless selection of wardrobes. Tommy says he does not pay for his suits, and they are all on the house. If the store owner refuses, they lose their business. Redditor callmezoyu thinks, “That’s a whole new level of badass.”


The Peaky Blinders are known for their classy fashion sense which consists of tweed suits, wool coats, and collared shirts. These are all made of high-quality fabrics, so they are undeniably expensive.

“I Will Wear High Heels So That You Will Hear My Approach On The Cobblestones, And You Will Have Time To Repent.” (Polly Gray)

Polly Gray peaky blinders


Polly Gray is one of the best characters in the show, and her passing left a tremendous gap in the series and in everyone’s hearts. In this scene, Polly threatens the Mother Superior at St. Hilda’s Orphanage when they discovered that the children were being mistreated.

The matriarch of the Shelby family is known for her witty and sassy attitude. Reddit fan LondonBeer355 said, “Tommy was just on the way out the door when Polly slid that terrifying little threat in there.”


“Who Wants To Be In Heaven When You Can Be Sending Men To F*****G Hell?” (Arthur Shelby)

Arthur Shelby peaky blinders

Arthur is certainly the weapon and executioner of this family. He is known to be the most violent and unstable. During the bombing plan for Father Hughes, his conscience paid him a visit, yet he resisted it.


Redditor bicnicky shared, “All of my favorites have been said except this gem.” Arthur is such an underrated character who deserves so much credit for all the ‘dirty work’ he carried out.

“Do This John, Do That John, Kill Your F*****G Teacher John.” (John Shelby)

John Shelby peaky blinders


John has definitely had enough of Tommy’s orders. He is loyal to his brother, but he also knows when it is too much. For Redditor burymeinpink, this is easily “one of John’s best scenes” in Peaky Blinders.

There was also growing jealousy between him and Michael when Tommy entrusted the latter with key information before telling everyone else. For John, he felt like he is just an enforcer and not a confidante.


“It Was F*****G Biblical, Mate.” (Alfie Solomons)

Alfie Solomons

For Apollo027 of Reddit, “Any quote by Alfie is considerable for best quote of the series.” When Alfie told a story about how he tortured and nailed someone on the cross, he compared it to the events in the Bible.


Indeed, Alfie is one of the most complex characters in the show. No one knows where his loyalty lies.


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