Pedro Pascal’s Golden Globes Prank on Matt Damon that Went Awry Without The Last of Us Star’s Realisation

Matt Damon unknowingly got the better of Pedro Pascal at the Golden Globes

Pedro Pascal’s Golden Globes Prank on Matt Damon that Went Awry Without The Last of Us Star’s Realisation


  • Pedro Pascal was amongst the many stars who attended the Golden Globes.
  • The Last of Us star planned to prank call Matt Damon who was sitting on the other side of the hall.
  • The prank went wrong for Pascal, who ended up taking to the Ford v. Ferrari star's voicemail.
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The Golden Globes is done and dusted, with many big names taking the honors to their place. Barbenheimer got the conclusion its fans wanted, with Barbie bagging the prize for the best film, while Cillian Murphy walked away with the prize for the best actor for Oppenheimer.


But that wasn’t all there was to the event. It had its fair share of wholesome moments – who didn’t love to see the respect that crowd gave to Steven Yeun. But the night had its fair share of hilarious moments as well, including one which involved a Pedro Pascal prank going wrong.

Many stars attended the Golden Globes

Barbie and Oppenheimer have become major contenders at the 2024 Golden Globes
The celebrity gala dinner was attended by many biggies

Pedro Pascal was one of the many stars that had graced the mega event that transpired in the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom, including the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Timothee Chalamet, Carey Mulligan, Brie Larsen, Jared Leto, and Billie Eilish amongst others.


It truly was a night to behold, as all the big names in the Industry adorned the gala dinner with their presence, showing up in their full bloom. Dua Lipa stole the show with her custom-made velvet Schiaparelli gown, while Margot Robbie marked her appearance in a (surprise! surprise!) pink Armani dress.

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Pedro Pascal was cooking a secret scheme

Pedro Pascal at the Comic Con
Pedro Pascal was thinking of prank-calling Matt Damon

That wasn’t all there was to the evening though. The Golden Globes is a gala dinner. And what’s a gala dinner without some fun? Never mind the fact that one of his hands was in a sling, Pedro Pascal was prepared to take things into his own hands.


Amongst the numerous stars on the set was none other than Matt Damon. In one of the commercial breaks, Pascal tried to pull one over the Ford v. Ferrari star. The Last of Us star had quite the plan – making a prank call to Matt while he was seated in the hall.

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How the tables turned on Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon
Pedro Pascal accidentally ended up talking to Matt Damon’s voicemail

Variety happened to stumble across Pedro Pascal’s table when he was about to embark on his endeavor. He called Matt Damon, who was sitting across the room at the ‘Air’ table. And he did prank him. Only to realize a few seconds later that he didn’t.


The Kingsman: Golden Circle star, while in conversation realized who he was talking to was actually Damon’s voicemail.

He couldn’t help but laugh after seeing how the tables had turned – his prank had turned on him only.

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Source: Variety


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