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Pedro Pascal’s Reportedly Prioritized The Last of Us Over The Mandalorian, Forced Lucasfilm to Scrap Episode 8 Scene Without His Helmet On

Pedro Pascal's Reportedly Prioritized The Last of Us Over The Mandalorian, Forced Lucasfilm to Scrap Episode 8 Scene Without His Helmet On

HBO’s The Last of Us has carried the legacy of the original video game of the same name. It is a fresh installment to the genre of zombie horror that is unique or more real and scary. Also, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s chemistry has made the series more vibrant, and fans and critics alike celebrate its aesthetic horror and the package of entertainment. Disney+ sci-fi show The Mandalorian was an instant hit expanding through season 3. The character chemistry between Din Djarin and Grogu is considered cute and candid among fans of the show. Both shows have one common link, Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in Last of Us
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us. Source: HBO

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Lucasfilm Scrapped a Din Djarin Scene Without His Helmet On?

According to a report from the podcast series The Hot Mic produced by established scoopers Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, The Mandalorian Season 3 finale, “Chapter 24: The Return,” scrapped a scene featuring Pedro Pascal‘s Din Djarin without his helmet on.

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian. Source: Disney

“I’m told that Pedro not being in the Mandalorian finale was a scheduling thing… [that’s why] he wasn’t seen, or whatever, in the Mandalorian finale,” Sneider said on the show. “That was simply a matter of scheduling, with The Last of Us in first position for him, and [I understand] that he was on set for a couple of episodes this past season and that he’s not going anywhere.” 

However, there is no official report from Lucasfilm addressing the event.

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The Last of Us Over The Mandalorian

Din Djarin and Grogu in Mandalorian
Din Djarin and Grogu in Mandalorian. Source: Disney

Another report from the media outlet Making Star Wars created a buzz among fans regarding salary and the role of the actor. The report says Disney originally wanted to pay Pascal as a voice actor due to minimal screen time. The visual of his character, Din Djarin was carried out on screen by body doubles Brendan Wayne, Lateef Crowder, and Barry Lowin.

However, the Mandalorian star insisted on the revised standard salary. The negotiation has led to a scene added to the Season 1 finale where Djarin’s unmasked face is seen for the first time. On the other hand, there is no such report claiming any conflict between the star and The Last of Us makers.

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Playing Joel in Last of Us Required Playing the Game

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us. Source: HBO

According to several reports, The Last of Us screenwriter Craig Mazin asked the star casts of the series to play the original game before recording the show. When asked, Pascal humorously replied, “I’m ready to retire and become a gamer, because I feel that if I become one all our systems will start crumbling down and I’ll never leave the house again.”

It appears Pascal did try the game but could not complete a certain level. “My nephews were watching me play and eventually got tired of my inability to complete the level, so they took my controller from me,” he said. But they have experienced the real world of The Last of Us in the set.

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