Plastic Cyborg: Kim Kardashian, 43, Accused of Yet Another Surgery That’s Been All the Rage in Hollywood

Kim Kardashian was recently accused of undergoing a very popular surgery

Plastic Cyborg: Kim Kardashian, 43, Accused of Yet Another Surgery That’s Been All the Rage in Hollywood


  • Kim Kardashian is considered the queen of beauty standards but that doesn't mean many fans actually consider her anything more than a menace.
  • The celebrity has been known to undergo lots of cosmetic surgeries over the years and she was accused of having a very popular surgery recently.
  • Kardashian also ended up getting a lot of mixed responses from her most recent photo for good reason as well.
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Kim Kardashian became a billionaire back in 2021 which obviously led to a range of changes in her life. Her business sense and relentless drive have helped her reach the top, and she continues to leave no stone unturned to achieve her goals. However, Kardashian has been accused of yet another surgery recently that is prevalent in Hollywood.

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Kanye West’s ex-wife is a fashion icon and a trailblazer in numerous ways. Kardashian has set incredibly high beauty standards that remain highly controversial even now – especially due to all the plastic surgery she has been accused of undergoing.


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Kim Kardashian thinking deeply about something in KUWTK
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Kim Kardashian Was Accused Of Undergoing A Very Popular Surgery

Kim Kardashian being a horrendous and scary figure in American Horror Story
Kim Kardashian

According to Mirror, Kim Kardashian has faced accusations of undergoing plastic surgery procedures, with fans expressing shock at her perceived “insane” body transformation. Speculation intensified as some pointed out a “collapsed nostril,” speculating on possible “botched” surgery. During a high-profile event in Los Angeles, fans claimed to observe “lumps” on her jaw, further fueling the rumors.


The discussion about Kim Kardashian’s appearance has been ongoing, and a TikTok user recently shared an old video of Kim with her children, leading to increased speculation about her possibly having a Brazilian Butt Lift. The accusations have made Kim Kardashian a notable topic of conversation, with fans closely scrutinizing her physical changes at every given moment.

The clip featured Kim Kardashian conversing with her son, Psalm West, during an episode of The Kardashians. In the video, the SKIMS founder was seen wearing skintight black leather trousers and a low-cut top, showcasing her remarkable figure.


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There Were Mixed Opinions On Kim Kardashian’s Most Recent Video About Her Appearance

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson enacting an Aladdin skit during Saturday Night Live
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

A video overlay stated, “Kim’s body is insane,” leading to fans expressing shock and sharing their opinions on Kim Kardashian’s figure. Some praised her perceived body transformation, with comments such as “the best bbl” and positive remarks about her appearance. However, others criticized her, claiming her body is “insanely not real” and accusing her of having multiple procedures, including Botox, to change her face. Despite the criticisms, some fans defended Kim Kardashian, suggesting that the negative comments stem from jealousy and focus on her beauty.


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All the hate actually just shows how perfect she is and people just hate how can u hate the Kardashian’s ffs.

The best body money can buy but it is nice and she is extremely gorgeous.”

The ongoing discussions about Kim’s appearance intensified after she attended a basketball game with her son, Saint West, leading to further speculation about possible surgeries, including accusations of a “collapsed nostril” and attempts to “hide” procedures with sunglasses. The commentary reflects a mix of opinions about Kim Kardashian’s physical transformation.


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