“Thanks for confirming it’s real”: Sony More or Less Confirms Their Next Move in the PlayStation Hardware Market with 1 Odd Move

Sometimes the best action is to take no action, but Sony doesn’t seem to believe in that motto.

"Thanks for confirming it's real": Sony More or Less Confirms Their Next Move in the PlayStation Hardware Market with 1 Odd Move


  • The PlayStation 5 is currently in the latter half of its life cycle, so we can expect an announcement for a PS6 or PS5 Pro.
  • Sony recently issued a copyright claim against Moore’s Law is Dead for a video containing leaked information about a PS5 Pro.
  • Netizens believe this is confirmation from Sony that the next variant of the console is coming soon.
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When it comes to company secrets, PlayStation isn’t the worst out there, but the team still has its leaks. There is no saying whether these leaks are credible or not, but understanding how the company responds to them can reveal a lot of their veracity.


A company moving to quash any discussion related to their hardware can be taken as a form of confirmation for the hardware’s existence. So, when PlayStation tried to stifle a YouTube channel by requesting a takedown of their video, people were rightfully thinking they had something concrete in their hands.

PlayStation Takes Down Video with Information on a New Console

The PlayStation 5 Pro may be coming sooner than you think!
The PlayStation 5 Pro may be coming sooner than you think!

In an industry as large and connected as gaming, leaks are more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if’. While some companies try to hide their secrets, others do intentional leaks to build hype. Be it the former or the latter, PlayStation has leveled a copyright claim against the YouTube leaker Moore’s Law is Dead.


The video that was taken down was a leak of the PlayStation 5 Pro, the next step in the PS5 lineup. Given that the console is in the latter part of its life cycle, we were expecting to see either the Pro version or even a PS6. Now, it seems the Pro is the more likely candidate, as PlayStation is trying to suppress any talks about it.

Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge, shared a screenshot of the claim, which shows it is unavailable due to a copyright takedown from Sony Interactive Entertainment. The replies speak for themselves, as many believe the move inadvertently confirms the existence of the Pro variant.


It’s a classic case of the Streisand Effect. People were going to speculate about a new console regardless, and had Sony left the video alone, it too would have been in the realm of theory. Trying to stop something from spreading just gets more eyes on the matter.

The Pro Version Could Be The Most Powerful Console Yet

Going by rumored specs, the PS5 Pro will be a beast of a console.
Going by rumored specs, the PS5 Pro will be a beast of a console.

PlayStation has been growing by leaps and bounds recently and leading the console race. Xbox and Nintendo are trailing far behind when it comes to both sales and performance. If the leaked specs are true, then the PS5 Pro could be the most significant technical leap in gaming hardware. That’s going to mean even better sales for Sony and a big problem for Xbox.

Rumors suggest the console is going to be a true 4K machine and target a stellar 120 FPS. That may not sound impressive for PC gaming, but it’s a benchmark for consoles. The company will achieve this by leveraging NVIDIA’s DLSS and AI upscaling for better visuals and stable performance.


Currently, most games on the PS5 allow users to choose between 4K at 30 FPS or some form of upscaled 4K at 60 FPS. It’s mostly the remasters of older games that allow for both at the same time. So, a machine that can do true 4K and go beyond 60 FPS is going to be a big draw for console gamers.

Do you think we’ll get a PS5 Pro this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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