5 Xbox Exclusives that Need to Jump Over to PlayStation (Not Including Starfield)

These need the DualSense treatment, ASAP!

5 Xbox Exclusives that Next Need to Jump Over to PlayStation (Not Including Starfield)


  • These games have define the Xbox generation over the years, and deserve a spot in the PlayStation library.
  • From Forza to Ori, these titles belong to different genres of gaming and garner the attention of different players worldwide.
  • Games like Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded have already moved to PlayStation, letting Xbox break free from the shackles of exclusivity.
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The Xbox brand is in a confusing spot at the moment. With so many Xbox exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves moving to PlayStation, there are few titles left that truly market themselves as Microsoft’s exclusive games.


However, there are quite a few titles that are yet to make their way to more platforms. From simulators to story-driven games, these are some of the best Xbox exclusives that should come to PlayStation at some point in the future.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Sky's really not the limit in this one.
Sky’s really not the limit in this one.

There’s a subtle sense of meditation and solace found in all the times you decide to cruise above Earth’s surface, around 32,000 feet high up in the sky. Unless you’re actually a pilot, the closest you’ll come to this experience is in Microsoft Flight Simulator, a game designed to make you feel like you’re flying.


This one has no set demographic, really. You can be a kid wanting to be an astronaut someday, or someone who works a 9-5 job looking to escape into the vastness of the earth’s skies. With an accurate map (quite literally) and a variety of planes to try out, this one should definitely come to PlayStation someday.

4. Forza Horizon 5

The driving feels accurate, and the map begs to be explored.
The driving feels accurate, and the map begs to be explored.

When you’ve made your way back to the ground, there’s no finer experience than Forza, which lets you truly feel lost in a massive world, driving some of your favorite vehicles. With over 780 vehicles to experience, the game puts you in Mexico’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Just like some of the previous games, this one too works on regularly changing seasons and updates, with new cars to unlock and race modes to take part in. If there’s one essential driving game that needs to come to PlayStation, it’s this one.


3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This one's a cult classic and needs little introduction.
This one’s a cult classic and needs little introduction.

What’s an Xbox exclusives list without the mention of Halo? Over the years, have told endless stories about intergalactic unrest, sci-fi combat systems, and a protagonist almost everyone is familiar with. No matter what platform you belong to, Master Chief will always feel like a familiar name.

Although Halo Infinite may have felt like a mixed bag of mediocrity, the Master Chief Collection is a homage to everything that made the series so great. Both the co-op and single-player experiences with this one are worthy of several platforms.

2. The Ori Games

Heartwarming and artistic, these games are some of the best Xbox exclusives out there.
Heartwarming and artistic, these games are some of the best Xbox exclusives out there.

Both Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps are spectacular platforming games that added a lot to the indie games scene when they launched. Yet, the games haven’t made their presence known on PlayStation consoles.


Rich in narrative and refined in their mechanics, both games mix up different styles of platforming and challenges that eventually tell the tale of an adorable protagonist who’s figuring out the mysteries of destiny and family.

1. Sunset Overdrive – One of the Underrated Xbox Exclusives

An open-world caricature of video games.
An open-world caricature of video games.

Mobility, explosions, adrenaline. Sunset Overdrive thrives in these areas and makes for some of the most fun gameplay sequences you’ll ever have. Hi-Fi Rush may come close, but never matches the aesthetic charm and platforming of Sunset Overdrive.

The underrated gem from Insomniac Games hasn’t yet received a remaster, even though the studio has made strides in developing and maintaining the standards set by Marvel’s Spider-Man games. While PlayStation has its own set of impressive platforms and action-adventure games, Sunset Overdrive is a unique experience that’s just not simple to replicate.


At the time of writing, games like Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded (coming on April 16) are already garnering much-needed attention on PlayStation consoles, and it’s likely that we’ll see more such games arrive on the platform.

Furthermore, Phil Spencer has been adamant about Xbox’s shift towards becoming a non-exclusive platform. Instead, the brand will try to appeal to players across different platforms and walks of life, giving accessibility much-needed attention in the future.

After all, Xbox exclusives belong to all kinds of genres, and PlayStation has been home to versatile subgenres of gaming. Are there any specific games that you would like to see on PlayStation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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