PlayStation’s New CEO’s are Already Getting Asked the Question that Plagued Jim Ryan for a Decade: “Which one of these guys could greenlit a Bloodborne remaster?”

The new PlayStation CEO dynamic duo are already being pestered by Bloodborne fans.



  • Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino are now the new CEOs of PlayStation and fans already asked them for a Bloodborne remaster.
  • The Soulslike game has been untouched for the last few years and fans are happy to settle with a performance boost for the PS5.
  • Jim Ryan denied the gaming community a Bloodborne remaster and fans are hopeful that the new CEOs will listen to their pleas.
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PlayStation is about to have a massive shake-up in leadership after implementing a new structure that will now have two CEOs at the helm. Former CEO Jim Ryan vacated the position earlier this year and is passing the baton to the new pair on how to evade Bloodborne fans.


The gaming community has been begging for a sequel and had no luck with Ryan during his reign but now they are optimistic that two people can potentially give what they want. Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino better come up with a better response than their predecessor.

Bloodborne Fans Will Ask the New PlayStation Heads for the Same Thing

There is hope for a Bloodborne remaster now that there are two PlayStation heads.
There is hope for a Bloodborne remaster now that there are two PlayStation heads.

It is quite bizarre to believe that Ryan has done with the iconic franchise in terms of game content but the company recently announced a new batch of merchandise about the Soulslike title. It may not be the content the gaming community has asked for but it is something to look forward to. Fans have been asking for a simple remaster but the former head refused to greenlit the project, now, two men have the power to give them what they ask for.


The chances are now twice as high and either of these men can buy some goodwill from the gaming community if they were to give them what they want. Hulst shared his latest milestone on social media and fans did not miss a beat and threw some suggestions.


Hidetaka Miyazaki, the CEO of FromSoftware and director of many iconic Soulslike games, stated that the IP belongs to Sony and they have the final say on what to do with the franchise. Sequels or remasters are not totally off the table but the company has shown no interest in it in recent years.

Fans spotted many easter eggs in Déraciné, however, it was not a confirmation for a sequel. Miyazaki felt bad for giving the gaming community false hope and thought that these harmless references caused Sony a great inconvenience.


Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino have the opportunity to be the saviors of the franchise by greenlighting a remaster for current-generation hardware. Perhaps they can succeed where their predecessor failed and deliver something highly demanded rather than throwing the budget at random projects.

The New PlayStation Heads Could Win Back Bloodborne Fans With a Remaster or a Sequel

Hermen Hulst ascended the corporate ladder of Sony and is now the co-CEO of PlayStation.
Hermen Hulst ascended the corporate ladder of Sony and is now the co-CEO of PlayStation.

The reason Sony denies the creators another opportunity to dive back in for more content is unknown, but the gaming community’s constant pestering is a clear answer that this project would bear good fruit.

The company has made countless remasters in recent years but drew the line on the Soulslike title which raised some eyebrows.


Perhaps this shift in leadership could be the change that will bring about a new focus on first-party games and not leave them to rust in the past. Hulst and Nishino should consider this project and give the fans what they want and the franchise the treatment it deserves.

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