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“Please don’t cast her as Jean Grey”: Internet Divided as Mean Girls Star Lindsay Lohan Says Joining MCU is Her “dream”

"Please don't cast her as Jean Grey": Internet Divided as Mean Girls Star Lindsay Lohan Says Joining MCU is Her "dream"

Lindsay Lohan, the movie diva, fashion sensation, and music star, has just returned to the forefront of the public spectacle with the Netflix holiday rom-com, Falling For Christmas. But the 10-year hiatus that the child of Hollywood afforded herself to take has landed Lohan in some chaotic waters. With so much change in the film and fashion industry, the Parent Trap actress recalls her childhood years in the movie business with almost a tone of fascinating nostalgia.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

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However, Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting brings a fresh wave of possibilities and opportunities for the newly married and highly enthusiastic actress. But among all the probable arenas that Lohan could easily wish to step into, the people couldn’t have imagined the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be one of them.

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Acting After Decade-Long Hiatus

In an exciting update on Netflix, the viewers and subscribers were awarded a rare glimpse of the 2000s-era diva, Lindsay Lohan, in an original Netflix Christmas film. With the conveyor belt lineup of Christmas romcoms flooding into the Home browsing page by November, it has become somewhat routine to spot the signature snow and pine pictured thumbnail. However, what did feel like a fish out of water was the red-headed star who was almost subjected to oblivion in the collective memory after her disappearance from the public limelight almost 10 years ago.

Lindsay Lohan makes a comeback in Netflix romcom, Falling for Christmas
Lindsay Lohan makes a comeback in the Netflix romcom, Falling for Christmas

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By the end of each year’s third quarter, the streaming juggernaut famously borrows an essence of Christmas cheer from Hallmark, the channel that essentially owns the holiday on television. This year, the holiday spirit happens to debut by mid-November with Lindsay Lohan’s soft launch into the modern-day world of cinema and streaming. As she dips her toes back into the pool, Lohan remembers the more simplistic days of her career that spanned almost 8-months of filming rather than the now prevalent 6-week shoot and preferred shooting on location instead of before a green screen.

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Expand Her Filmography Into MCU

Lindsay Lohan wants to step into MCU
Lindsay Lohan wants to step into MCU

With a slow start after Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan aims higher than what she has strived to achieve in her short yet effective years in the movie business. Although ambitious from the start, the actor-singer found the career restrictive and was overexposed in the media. After her decade-long respite in the Middle East, Lohan returns with a renewed vigor for acting. And one of the first things that she wants to be involved in is the Marvel franchise.

“The one thing that I haven’t done that I’d really love to do is enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s my dream.”

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But the fandom isn’t having it. Famous for her red-headed look, Lohan has immediately been associated with the likes of Jean Grey from X-Men or the villainous Typhoid Mary. While one faction of the Twitter crowd is dubious about Lohan’s casting as either of those infamous Marvel characters, the rest is head over heels for the iconic personality of the Mean Girls actress and is ready to advocate for her entry into the MCU.

The populated expanse of the CBM franchise does allow for uncountable actors to step on and off the platform constantly. Lindsay Lohan’s “dream”, as such, does not come off as too far-fetched to fulfill, especially considering her status as an icon among the masses. Marvel’s obsession with star power in films, as we have recently witnessed in Doctor Strange 2 and She-Hulk has led to a qualitative decline of content in preference for an ensemble cast who can swoop in for a quick cameo. It wouldn’t be surprising then to feature Lindsay Lohan as a short-lived variant of a character or sign her up for a cameo as herself, in the MCU’s future slate.

Falling for Christmas is now streaming on Netflix.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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