Pokémon Go Fans Want the Return of a Long-Gone Feature, and it’s Hard to Argue with Them

A good idea from some players that could potentially revolutionise Pokemon Go!

Pokémon Go Fans Want the Return of a Long-Gone Feature, and it's Hard to Argue with Them


  • Pokémon Go players are suggesting ideas for the game to implement, all this through the official Reddit of the game.
  • A Reddit user recommends an interesting mechanic that has to do with the amount of candy you receive after you capture a Pokémon.
  • Other users also say what they want in the game.
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Pokémon Go is a complete success for Niantic; the game is still running after more than 7 years on the market, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. The game has added many generations of Pokémon in a few years, following all the main games.


Niantic makes events regularly, and players are, in general, very happy with the title. In a new discussion on Reddit, some users are proposing ideas to add to Pokémon Go. This particular user wants the candy you receive with your capture depending on the throw of the Pokeball.

Reddit wants some new things for Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has more than 7 years on the market
Pokémon Go has more than 7 years on the market

One of the greatest successes of The Pokémon Company is, without a doubt, Pokémon Go. This mobile game launched in 2016 and, for a very long time, was a worldwide phenomenon. But its popularity dropped a little but never disappeared. Players keep playing and enjoying the events that Niantic offers regularly. The community of Pokémon Go is very active and always eager to submit new mechanics for the game. Reddit is one of the preferred places to bring this kind of discussion to the table.


A Reddit user makes a very exciting proposal to an old mechanic who added some challenges to capture a Pokémon. User rtamez509 said, “Personally, I think the “getting more candies depending on a nice, great or excellent throw” is an amazing idea and should be permanent, what others?” This user insisted that this should be permanent because a point was in the game, but Niantic decided to change it. The amount of candy you get, depending on the quality of the throw, is an incredible idea to add. 

Fans of Pokémon Go are very happy with the game in general

Pokémon Go will have a new Global Tour in the next few days
Pokémon Go will have a new Global Tour in the next few days

In this thread of ideas, many other users talk about bringing back the sprites for the Pokémon. Other players want more than 20 gifts, 40 in particular, especially the ones who don’t have many gyms close. The suggestions are very similar in the majority of cases.

This is the official Reddit of Pokémon Go, so Niantic could be paying attention to this and implementing some changes, so players should wait for this.


The Pokémon Go Global Tour 2024 is very near. On February 24 and 25, you can capture a very special version of Dialga and Palkia. This particular Pokémon will be very powerful if you catch them. The exclusive attacks are very useful for raids and PvP battles. A lot of other events will be launched in the next few months in Pokémon Go.

Tell us in the comments. Are you still playing Pokémon Go, or are you planning on coming back?


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