Prepare for Hell as Helldivers 2 Patch 01.000.203 ‘Fixes’ 1 Thing that Just Makes it all Harder for Us in the Fight for Democracy

Seriously, who asked for this?



  • Helldivers 2 launched patch 01.000.203 fixing many bugs and issues.
  • One of the fixes involves crossplay lobbies dealing enhanced damaged.
  • Although this only affected crossplay players, Arrowhead removed it from the game.
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Helldivers 2 released a patch called 01.000.203. The devs laid the patch out which may seem like small gameplay adjustments and overall fixes for known issues.


Underneath the surface, when you read the patch entirely, the first bullet point for “Other Fixes” is huge for crossplay players. “Fixed an issue that resulted in different damage being dealt enemies between PC and console players.”

Basically, if you’re a PC player who plays with PS5 players or vice versa, the experience will now be the exact same. However, this is a major downside because giant Terminid units like the Bile Titan were easier to fill in these mixed lobbies. Now that it’s “fixed,” Helldivers 2 just got a lot harder.


Helldivers 2 – Who Wanted This Fixed?

Patch 01.000.203 has nerfed crossplay players.
Patch 01.000.203 has nerfed crossplay players.

Arrowhead Games Studios continues to shine thanks to the success of Helldivers 2. The PvE massive online multiplayer game continues to bring players together in the fight for democracy. 

The joy of gaming today is enhanced because of features like crossplay. Having the ability to play online with your friends, no matter their platform of choice, is amazing in 2024. 

When games like Helldivers 2 have this must-have feature at launch, the player base is only going to skyrocket. The project has been out for over two months now and Arrowhead decided to patch a bug where players in crossplay lobbies would deal different damage to enemies. 


Now that the damage is consistent, players are not happy with this change.

byu/cryptic-fox from discussion

In a crossplay lobby, all of the players would deal more damage except the lobby host. No matter if the host is on PlayStation 5 or PC, the host would deal the normal damage compared to the heightened damage of their comrades. 


Unintended by Arrowhead to have this in Helldivers 2 but if the players know about it and don’t mind this “bug,” then what’s the point in patching it out?

Helldivers 2 – Now with Harder to-Kill Enemies

You think you can handle it?
You think you can handle it?

If you find yourself playing Helldivers 2 via crossplay, you’ll likely find Bile Titans and other harder to kill enemies more difficult now. 

But if you only play with others on the same platform, then the experience will be the exact same. Helldivers 2 is already a difficult experience with hordes of Terminids and Automatons storming your position. 


With no aim assist for PS5/controller players, the enhanced damage they received in crossplay lobbies made sense. The team already nerfed a bunch of guns and weapons in previous patches, will they revert those changes at all? 

Ashamed to see Arrowhead patch this out when it didn’t affect every Helldivers 2 player. But if they want to keep the experience the exact same for all players, this was a necessary change for their vision. 

What do you think of Helldivers 2’s latest patch? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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