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‘Pretty xenophobic of her’: Zendaya Slammed for Trolling Tom Holland’s British Accent Despite $20M Fortune from Spider-Man Movies

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Zendaya, an icon and a mogul in the world of fashion and cinema, has stolen the collective attention of an entire generation of audience, young and old, who have been enthusiastic enough to turn on HBO or visit the theatres during one of MCU’s Spider-Man adventures. When it comes to her beau, Tom Holland, it is pretty much the same for the young Brit who captured, for the first time in live-action, the perfect and comic-accurate portrayal of a high school teenager coming into possession of suddenly acquired superpowers.

And when the fiery onscreen chemistry and their iconic offscreen friendship evolved into something more – something the entire fandom was praying for – the world heaved a collective sigh and kept doing it every time the couple stepped outside, hand in hand, smiling, laughing, surprising one another by flying halfway across the planet, and simply being royally supportive of each other. It is no wonder that the couple has become somewhat of an obsession for the Gen Z people and for good reason at that.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

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Zendaya and Her Mimicry of Tom Holland’s Cockney Accent

Among the numerous ways one gets to tease their partners is by imitation or mimicry – which some old adage might even go on to indicate as the most sincere form of flattery. And so, when Zendaya gets to scour the internet and stumble upon a gold mine, i.e. a very young Tom Holland in a film delivering dialogue in a sing-song voice with the poshest British accent of all time, it is just unacceptable to not mimic the poor guy years later when his Marvel fame is just enough to overshadow the old grainy video. Zendaya, being the icon that she is, felt it would be remiss of her to not let the world in on that incredible clip that exists of Holland.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

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However, the clip is not the sole video that she has managed to memorize and deliver (accurately, one might add). On occasions more than one, the Marvel duo have been caught on press junkets and interviews during the Spider-Man films’ promotional tours where Zendaya just could not stop herself from flawlessly imitating Tom Holland, accent and all. And if one were not already smitten with the pair’s genuine friendship and concern for each other, the constant teasing and side-stitching laughter that follows might just be enough to make the fans fall in love.

Fans Call Out Zendaya For Trolling Tom Holland’s Accent

Even though Zendaya has won over the entire world with her constantly drop-dead gorgeous red carpet appearances and her soul-wrenching performance on Euphoria, it is not enough to win over the entire demography that exists on the internet. Some traits of the actor may have come to bother a select few among the fandom who have not taken kindly to the star mocking Holland’s British accent on interviews and press tours.


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Moreover, during an interview with The Sun, the Marvel star did also mention one downside to getting acquainted with Holland’s South London accent:

“I love the ­British accent, but as much as Tom tries to explain it to me, I will never understand rhyming slang. Like I understand the concept — but what do apples and pears have to do with stairs? It’s cute when he tells me all the different phrases — but I really don’t get it!”

Although said in jest, fans have interpreted Zendaya’s comments as hurtful and insensitive towards the Spider-Man actor.

The Marvel duo was first linked together in 2021 and has been together ever since. A recent report by The Sun claims that the couple has found their first home together in Richmond, a 15-minute drive from Holland’s childhood neighborhood in Kingston upon Thames. Although the rumors have not been verified yet, it is still incredibly wonderful to find the two actors being comfortable in their relationship, finding immense success with their Hollywood projects, and conquering the industry one appearance at a time.

MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy is available for streaming on Disney+

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