“Best memories I have on the PS3”: Sucker Punch Has Moved Onto Ghost of Tsushima, but 15 Years on From Infamous, Fans Are Asking the Dev the Same Thing

Sucker Punch Productions is still being pestered with an inFAMOUS remaster request despite moving on to Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima and Infamous


  • Sucker Punch Productions celebrated the 15th anniversary of inFAMOUS, and fans are still waiting for a remaster.
  • Ghost of Tsushima is the fastest-selling PlayStation first-party title on PC, beating out other more popular games.
  • The gaming community would be delighted if the classic inFAMOUS games were given a remaster for the PS5.
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Ghost of Tsushima was a massive success and the perfect game to send off the previous console generation. The developers applied what they learned from inFAMOUS and took their time to get the project up and running, but not everyone’s ready to move on.


Sucker Punch quickly ascended the ranks within PlayStation Studios, and Sony now holds the team in high regard given the successful projects it has put out. It’s been a decade and a half, but there’s still a high demand from the community for a remaster of a classic.

Ghost of Tsushima Developers Have Moved on, but the Fans Haven’t

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest PlayStation first-party game to receive a PC port.
Ghost of Tsushima is the latest PlayStation first-party game to receive a PC port.

The developers took the time to celebrate the success of the PlayStation 3 classic, which prompted the fans to express their interest in seeing a remaster. It is not entirely possible, but it would appear that the team has finally moved on to something else instead.


One fan shared their experience with the franchise and was quite explicit about their opinion of its success.


Despite being given all the new bells and whistles for the PC port, like a shared trophy list with the native PlayStation 5 version, the community would not mind taking a trip down memory lane for the developers to revive an old franchise.

Some are still in disbelief that Sony did not push for a remaster for the current generation while certain titles received the treatment.


The demand and appeal are present, and it wouldn’t kill the publisher to remaster older inFAMOUS games into a bundle for the PS5.


Sony is sitting on a goldmine, and leaving the beloved franchise to rot in the past is a serious mistake. It can be frustrating to even attempt to understand how the company values its franchises and decides which should receive a remaster.

All hope is not lost, and the developers could be working on a project related to it and are waiting for the right moment to reveal it. Fans can choose to be optimistic, but given the success of Ghost of Tsushima, there is little reason for the developers to go back.

inFAMOUS Is Being Overshadowed by Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima and inFAMOUS are both excellent games made for the PlayStation.
Ghost of Tsushima and inFAMOUS are both excellent games made for the PlayStation.

Sucker Punch Productions is pulling its weight under the PlayStation Studios banner. The developers produced a handful of successful games that resonated well with the community and even stood the test of time.


The high demand for a remaster of a classic does not mean the players do not appreciate what is ahead. The community was upset knowing the 2020 game lost out as Game of the Year to a fellow PlayStation exclusive, which speaks volumes about how well it was received.

Sony is adamant about not revisiting the franchise and leaving it the way it is. The memories will not fade, and it would be convenient to play them on current-generation hardware, but it may not be possible.

The developers are proud of the work they accomplished, and the community should be comfortable  putting it to rest and making room for what Sony is offering it next.


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