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Ranking All Home Alone Booby Traps From The Least To Most Painful

Ranking All Home Alone Booby Traps From The Least To Most Painful

Home Alone is a not-so-classic Christmas movie with loads of adventure and fun thrown in. It has become a holiday must-watch where a kid outwits the burglars! The booby traps introduced in the film are legendary. Therefore, in case you’ve been wondering, here are all Home Alone booby traps ranked from the least to most painful:

Home Alone

1. All Feathered Up: This one is relatively painless on the onset. Harry is first coated with adhesive and then covered with feathers. Harry looks like a fowl and must feel utterly humiliated. Feathers and Harry

2. Small objects alert: Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) litters the foyer with his micro machines. Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), both trip and it is a brilliant (but  a pokey) and comedic pratfall. Marv and Harry

3. Old is Gold: Some of the tricks up Kevin’s sleeves in Home Alone were tried and tested, like the wire trick. He places a tripwire on the stair landing, which trips Harry over.Home Alone

4. Swinging Escape: Kevin uses his bicycle handlebars to escape from his bedroom to the treehouse. When the Wet Bandits follow him, he cuts the ropes causing them to crash against the brick wall(lots of cracks and bruises!).Home Alone

5. Wet and Slippery: Kevin covers both the entrances with water, which then hardens to ice on a cold December night. Both the bandits slip and tumble and roll. Super painful and cold!Marv in Ice Scene

6. BB gun alert: BB gunshots are very painful, especially at close range. Kevin shoots Harry in his groin through the doggie door when the bandits decide to approach the backdoor. And then, Marv pokes his head into the doggie door and gets his dose of the BB gun in close range. It’s One Point to Team Kevin in Home Alone!Home Alone

7. Christmas Pain: Kevin first lays a trap in the basement that ensures the loss of footwear. He then leaves a window near the Christmas tree ajar. Marv enters and steps on to glass Christmas lights and ornaments. They shatter and pierce his soles. Some severe pain!Home Alone

8. Watch Out!: This is one of his very last traps. Kevin hung up paint cans along the winding staircase. He swung the cans down right into the face of both the bandits! That would have caused a broken nose or even a tooth or two!Paint Can

9. Look out! !: Blunt force trauma always works. Kevin wedges an iron in the door and attaches it to a bulb in the basement. Marv pulls the cord, hoping to have some light. Instead, he gets an iron hurtling down at him in the face!Home Alone

10. FIRE!: Kevin planned two of his most dangerous stunts at the entrances in home Alone. While attempting to break in, Harry finds the main door unlocked. He walks right into an old-fashioned blow torch which is aimed right at his head. The flames burn up the stocking cap, but indeed must have hurt him badly!Home Alone

11. Pointed Object Ahead: Marv loses his footwear while climbing the basement steps. This is due to the tar that Kevin had laid on the steps. And then he puts his foot right on a sharp nail, waiting for him! This is the one of the most painful traps of Home Alone.Marv Steps On a Nail

12. Hot Again!: The Wet Bandits find it challenging to climb the slippery steps. And irritated and stumbling through it all, they reach the doorknob, which is glowing red. This is because of a strategically placed electric charcoal heater turning the doorknob into a branding iron. Heat alert! Watch out!Home Alone


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