Ready Player Two: Everything To Know About The Ready Player One Sequel

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After years of waiting, fans are finally going to get their hands on the Ernest Cline’s classic. Ready Player One was a game-changer for the author. It paved the way for scores of fans to enjoy top notch science fiction form the comfort of their homes. Ready Player One took nostalgic elements from previous vintage era games and combined millions of pop culture tropes to give us a unique experience. The live-action adaptation movie was just as much a hit. Fans kept asking whether there will be a sequel to the first installment.


Ernest Cline and Ballantine Books released Ready Player Two, sequel to the cult-classic Ready Player One, a few days ago. Ready Player One introduced the readers and the viewers to a broken world that finds solace in a virtual MMO Game called the OASIS. The game, developed by James Halliday aka Anorak, contains tons of references to 1980’s pop culture. After Halliday dies, he sends the players on a wild goose chase for an Easter Egg. Whoever finds it will become the owner of the world’s largest company.


Ready Player One raked in around $600 Million in the international Box Office. With a dramatic setting and visual cinematography that was off the charts, there is more than enough room left by Ready Player One for multiple sequels. This is what we know so far about the sequel – Ready Player Two.

It’s A Revenge Tale


Wade and the High Five are yet to get some respite. Only after mere days of defeating the bad guys. they are thrust into yet another game of cat and mouse. If Ready Player One was a testament to the OASIS’ many constructive qualities and features, Ready Player Two is mostly a critique. It lambasts the game and its players to have lost their touch to the real world. This time, the villain is none other than James Halliday’s rogue A.I doppelganger Anorak. Anorak traps the players in the virtual world and forces them to go on a quest for finding the Mysterious Seven Shards. Wade has to find a way to defeat the rogue A.I

There Is A Technology Far More Revolutionary Than Oasis

After Wade and the High Five win the high stakes game in the first book, they are in for another surprise. James Halliday leaves his greatest creation in the hands of the world. Called ONI, it is a radical technology that allows players of OASIS to experience the game with all of their five senses. It even grants access to real time recording. Wade wounds up deeply within the technology. When him and the rest of the world are found to be too engrossed in ONI, that’s when things take a turn for the worse. Art3mis, Wade’s lover, realizes that the people are getting addicted. rt3mis is worried about the psychological effects of the technology, something Halliday mysteriously kept a secret.


There’s A New Enemy And Rival

The description for the new book reads: “unexpected, impossibly powerful and dangerous.” We still do not know who they mean. We know Anorak is the big bad wolf of the book. But is there another player in town? Someone who is far more dangerous than Halliday’s A.I entity itself? Some theories claim it is the game itself. Since OASIS is practically run by the world’ most powerful server-less A.I, fan theories claim it has achieved sentience. The game is now going after the players and is colluding with Anorak to kill millions of players playing the game. They are probably using the ONI technology to do the same. The description also claims that there are “two worlds at stake.” What does that translate to?

Ready Player Two Highlights Gaming Addiction


Ready Player One banked on creating a sense of wonder and excitement. By roping in important pop culture references, it kept the fans hog-eyed and amused. Readers and viewers were introduced to a world of nostalgia. Ready Player Two takes that script and flips it on itself. The book tells that the virtual reality game is a combination of smokes and mirrors. Despite its many advantages, it is not without its fallacies. The book skew closer to Black Mirror. There are times you would even get a Twilight Zone vibe. Many would not like the fear-mongering tone of the sequel but it is certainly a refreshing take.

When Will The Movie Adaptation Come?

We wish we could give a concrete answer. But there are not definitive sources to confirm a sequel is even in the works. Ready Player One earned more than $600 Million at the Box Office. Steven Spielberg could return to direct a sequel if Ernest Cline’s Ready Player Two stirs the pot enough. Since Ready player One was released merely two years ago, the hype is still there. It just might be a matter of time before the Studio drops the good news.



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