Rockstar Games Annoy and Disappoint Fans after Terribly Lacklustre Announcement Trailer for Red Dead Redemption Port

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Red Dead Redemption fans who were looking forward to the ‘remake’ are going to sorely disappointed. Rockstar Games recent announcement states that the game will be releasing for Nintendo Switch and ‘modern’ PlayStation systems, which if you look into it means PS4. Not only that, it was confirmed that the game itself would not be a remake or a remaster.  A simple port of a 13 year old game.


And PC fans are yet again looked over for this game which they have been crying out for years. But it gets better, this isn’t being made available for current gen.

We can’t dismiss the fact that Red Dead Redemption is not being made available for Xbox either. But this may be a decision because the game is backwards compatible and is readily available.

Red Dead Redemption
The ‘remake’ of Red Dead Redemption is said to feature enhanced graphics and improved gameplay

However, as noted in the Rockstar announcement there is new languages being supported, enhanced graphics and improved gameplay which probably won’t be available to backwards compatible versions of the game.

We’re sorry but this is cutting your nose off to spite your face tactics from Rockstar and whoever greenlit this decision for Red Dead Redemption should be escorted from the building with their box of their belongings, post haste.

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Red Dead Redemption – Fans views

Red Dead Redemption
The latest Red Dead Redemption announcement has left fans unimpressed

Unsurprisingly after the Rockstar announcement, fans took to Social Media to make their feelings known;

“Why has rockstar been making such ridiculous decisions lately?”

“This is shameful. $50 for a port of a 13 year old game… No remake, no remaster, no PC port, no 60fps.”

“Rockstar you’re my favorite video games company by far, but *porting* RDR to modern systems while ignoring the modern systems being PS5/PC/XSX is crazy, even by port standards, this should at least run at 60FPS 4K and natively support PS5 features, 30FPS in 2023 is disappointing.”

It seems the major consensus from fans is that Rockstar are just trying to rip them off but given Rockstar’s previous record of remastering games, it was maybe felt that ‘Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ was the type of approach they wanted to take.

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Red Dead Redemption
Current Gen fans of Red Dead Redemption are severely disappointed

Whilst we’re sure many of you will look back on the Red Dead Redemption games with fondness, Rockstar have really hit a new low with this announcement. Not only is the game not being remade or remastered, it is the fact that the game is a port which will annoy fans the most. And the fact that they are charging $50 for a simple ported game which isn’t being made available for current gen really beggars belief. You have to question what has happened to Rockstar in recent years.

But what’s your thoughts on this latest news coming from Rockstar? Are you disappointed that Red Dead Redemption is just going to be a simple port? Or are you more frustrated that they have the nerve to charge $50 for it? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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