Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America Battle Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Avengers vs X-Men Art Ahead of Secret Wars

Marvel fans have jumped into the Avengers vs X-Men debate arguing for their favorite side and characters.

Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man, Chris Evans' Captain America Battle Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Avengers vs X-Men Art Ahead of Secret Wars


  • Avengers vs X-Men exists in Marvel comics.
  • New fan art poster on Avengers vs X-Men has sparked debate among fans.
  • Both sides has solid superheroes— X-Men has Omega and Magneto while Hulk and Wanda Maximoff are the strong powers siding with Avengers.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe has several superheroes for fans to be fond of. But when it comes to superhero groups such as Avengers and X-Men, fans are divided to have their favorite triumph over another.

Avengers vs X-Men
Avengers vs X-Men. Credit:

Avengers: Secret Wars is on the horizon as the movie has created a fascinating buzz since the announcement and the hype is evergrowing. However, it would be criminal to wait that long for the movie with nothing in hand to tickle our brains with our favorite MCU characters in an epic Avengers vs X-Men battle.

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Avengers vs X-Men

Avengers vs X-Men
Avengers vs X-Men. Credit: Marvel Comics

Avengers and X-Men have a distinct fanbase under the umbrella of MCU, also, several characters have enjoyed astounding followings due to their charismatic cinematic representations. Especially, Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America have enjoyed their fandom to a great extent while X-Men’s Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ extremely popular Deadpool. But in a battle between Avengers and X-Men, who would win?

The idea of Avengers vs X-Men is not entirely hypothetical. In Marvel Comics the epic battle exists in a series of comics. The 12-issue epic event was written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, and Matt Fraction with art by John Romita Jr., Olivier Coipel, and Adam Kubert. Bringing Marvel’s biggest groups of characters and putting them into an imminent threat while developing beef that led to the epic rivalry was hailed by many avid readers.

Now, a fan art poster of the Avengers vs X-Men battle has gained the attention of Marvel fans while dividing the fans with their picks. 


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Fans React to Avengers vs X-Men Fan Poster

Avengers vs X-Men
Avengers vs X-Men. Credit: Marvel Comics

When the fan art poster was unveiled, fans immediately jumped into the debate deciding which side they would take. Certainly, both sides have their pros and cons but one thing is assured, the battle would be epic. Fans took to social platforms to share their thoughts on the battle.

Evidently, the idea of the battle has sparked excitement and Marvel could really consider a cinematic edition with the epic war. Who would win? It’s hard to justify but it certainly would depend on which characters get to fight as both sides have pretty solid characters— while X-Men has Omega and Magneto, Hulk and Wanda Maximoff are the strong powers to give X-Men a hard time.


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