Roman Reigns’ Latest Photo After His WrestleMania Loss May Not Be Good News For WWE Fans

Take a deep breath, WWE fans! Roman Reigns might give up ring to focus on his ‘budding’ acting career…..well, it’s good for his acting résumé!

Roman Reigns’ Latest Photo After His WrestleMania Loss May Not Be Good News For WWE Fans


  • The WWE star Roman Reigns is reportedly thinking about pursuing a career in film.
  • Following his defeat at WrestleMania 40, a picture of him that went viral on social media showed him looking stylish and ready for Hollywood.
  • Although it’s unclear when he will return to the ring, Reigns is said to be currently working on a major film project.
  • His star power, charm, and charisma could make him the obvious choice for a Hollywood career.
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Roman Reigns has been a tremendous force in the WWE for years, but his latest move has fans speculating about his future in the wrestling world. After his loss at WrestleMania 40, his viral picture floated on social media, in which he looked dapper and Hollywood-ready. Could this be a sign that the Big Dog is prepared to put his skills on the silver screen?


Although it is unclear when Reigns, 38, will step back into the ring, the Tribal Chief is said to be keeping himself occupied by working on a major new film project. It is no secret that a number of professional wrestlers have made a successful transition into the entertainment industry; two such examples are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and John Cena.

Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40
Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40

With his magnetic personality, easy charm, and undeniable star power, Reigns could easily follow their route and launch a successful Hollywood career.  


Roman Reigns’ Exciting New Project with Keke Palmer: A Threat to WWE Status?

The last time the former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion appeared on WWE television was following his defeat at WrestleMania 40: Sunday to Cody Rhodes. The defeat signaled the end of Roman Reigns’ incredible 1,316-day reign as champion and the start of a ‘new era’ in WWE, a term that has been used multiple times since WrestleMania

Although Reigns’ next appearance on WWE TV is unknown, it’s believed he is collaborating with Lauren ‘Keke’ Palmer on an unidentified film project. A photo of the handsome Reigns from a forthcoming flick was recently shared on the actress’ Instagram story (via X). 

Roman Reigns (Image via Instagram/ Lauren ‘Keke’ Palmer)
Roman Reigns (Image via Instagram/Lauren ‘Keke’ Palmer)

Reigns is no stranger to the acting world; in fact, he has experience with it from previous ventures. Along with working on multiple WWE Studios projects, Reigns made an appearance in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw in 2019 with his cousin The Rock. In animated roles, he has also made numerous TV appearances.


While fans may be disappointed by Reigns’ potential exit from the WWE, a move to Hollywood could make him even more prominent. Besides, he could definitely succeed in the entertainment industry because of his phenomenal physique and acting skills.

Even Triple H, one of the WWE’s top executives, has hinted at a new chapter for Roman Reigns after his recent WrestleMania loss. Could this mean that the Samoan powerhouse is ready to make the jump to acting and pursue a career beyond the wrestling ring?

How a Hollywood Career Could Catapult Roman Reigns to Superstardom

Roman Reigns (Image via WWE)
Roman Reigns (Image via WWE)

If you are on the same path as your famous cousin, who also happens to be the world’s biggest actor, there will be whispers that you will end up exactly like him. Even though Roman Reigns has to live in that shadow, he appears content with it because he shares the same objective. In 2015, he was asked if he wanted to be an actor like Dwayne Johnson during an interview with Extra Butter.


Reigns grinned and said, “I think so”, without even thinking twice. The father of five further added:

“You can’t be a wrestler your whole career. Just hitting that mat every single night takes its toll, so you gotta have a game plan for after lacing up the boots.”

That answer has not changed over time. Reigns appears to be more committed than ever to taking the route that The Rock, John Cena, and Dave Bautista have already started. He only said, “That is something I want to dabble in and gain more experience in”, on ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show, not so lately. 

Reigns is more than your average one-dimensional action star. He is much more competent. John Cena has discovered his niche in comedic roles. And there is no denying that Reigns is capable of carrying a comedy. More classic roles are what Dave Bautista pursues. Reigns could do that as well because his best work is displayed in his more subdued backstage moments.


Well, Tribal Chief is the face of WWE and pro wrestling in general at the moment, for the foreseeable future, and as long as he desires it. But when he settles, he wants more and it is time to move to Hollywood, that is when things really get interesting. Reigns has everything it takes to become a massive megastar—a family connection, name accreditation, appeal, charisma, acting range, and, of course, a vigorous desire to succeed. 

But perhaps the most substantial advantage of an acting career for Reigns would be the opportunity to broaden his fan base and connect with audiences, on a more personal level. He could inspire and entertain millions of fans through the power of film and television, leaving a legacy that goes far beyond the wrestling ring. Acknowledge that…


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