Ryan Gosling Would Have Been Retired From Hollywood by Now If It Wasn’t For His Movie That Earned $1.2 Million at Box Office

The Believer catapulted Gosling's prominence as an actor after playing a Jewish neo-Nazi.

Ryan Gosling Would Have Been Retired From Hollywood by Now If It Wasn't For His Movie That Earned $1.2 Million at Box Office


  • Ryan Gosling started acting at a young age and thought he would retire in his 40s.
  • The 2001 movie The Believer changed his perspective and led him to continue acting.
  • Gosling said the movie "changed everything" for him and gave him an outlet for his talents.
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Ryan Gosling didn’t think he would stay in Hollywood for so long. The Barbie fame started early in his career and thought of leaving the limelight in his 40s. However, things changed for the actor after he found success with The Believer. The 2001 movie changed his perspective on the industry and we got one of the most prominent actors of recent times.

Ryan Gosling in The Believer (2001)
Ryan Gosling in The Believer (2001)

Ryan Gosling rose early in his career with The Mickey Mouse Club when he was 13. It was natural for him to presume that he would retire in his 40s. But he changed his mind later as the 42-year-old actor is still flying high on success and looking forward to more prominent projects.

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What led Ryan Gosling to rethink his decision?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

The Believer catapulted Ryan Gosling‘s prominence as an actor after he gained immense success for playing a Jewish neo-Nazi in the 2001 movie. Following that, he also starred in several critically acclaimed movies and established himself as a big name in the industry.

Even though he started early in his career, it still took some time for Gosling to land a leading role. According to an interview with The New York Times, the Henry Bean directorial changed everything for him.

“After I did The Believer, things changed for me. I felt I had a place I could put the things I had inside of me into.”

Later Gosling also stated to The Telegraph that he would be highly surprised if he finds himself acting at the age of 46.


“If I’m still acting at 46, I’ll be surprised. How many characters can you play? I’ve been acting since I was 12. If I was just starting now, maybe. But now I’m 30. If I do this for 10 more years I’ll be shocked.”

But something changed the La La Land star changed his mind and Ryan Gosling is still flying high on the wings of success in his early 40s. It is also noteworthy how he was cast in the 2001 $1.2 million grosser not just because he was perfect for the role.

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Does Ryan Gosling lack the qualities to be a leading man?

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook
Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

The question in discussion is a bit strange considering the number of leading roles Ryan Gosling has pulled off to date. However, it was not the same during The Believer or The Notebook. He was primarily cast in those movies just because he was nothing like those characters.


The Blade Runner 2049 actor said to GQ magazine about his casting in The Believer“The fact that I wasn’t really right for it was exactly why [director Henry Bean] thought I was right for it.” 

Similar statements were also heard for The Notebook where the actor didn’t hesitate to admit how the director Nick Cassavetes didn’t consider him a leading man. Interestingly, it was also the reason why Cassavetes wanted to cast him in the first place.

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Recently, Ryan Gosling starred in the highly successful billion-dollar blockbuster Barbie alongside Margot Robbie. After Greta Gerwig’s success, he is also set to star in the action entertainer The Fall Guy opposite Emily Blunt. He will also reunite with Robbie to helm a prequel to the Ocean’s film series.

The Believer can be streamed on Peacock Premium.


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