Ryan Reynolds’ Cryptic 4 Word Message Makes Huge Revelation About Deadpool 3 After Latest Rumors About Loki and TVA

Ryan Reynolds' Cryptic 4 Word Message Makes Huge Revelation About Deadpool 3 After Latest Rumors About Loki and TVA
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About two months ago, Ryan Reynolds announced Deadpool 3. The announcement came soon after Marvel Studios’ D23 presentation where Kevin Feige introduced the upcoming phases of the MCU. Fans were delighted with the news, as the upcoming film will also bring Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine. The Wolverine actor had declared that he would not continue playing the character after his 2017 film Logan. The threequel will finally bring Deadpool and Wolverine’s relationship on screen.

Wolverine and Deadpool
Wolverine and Deadpool

Followed by the big reveal, there have been multiple rumors and theories about the plot of the film, Ryan Reynolds seems to enjoy teasing fans. The Free Guy star has once again teased fans as he shared a tweet saying hello to Miss Minutes of the TVA.

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Deadpool 3 Could Feature Time Variance Authority

Marvel Studios introduced Time Variance Authority in the 2021 Disney+ series, Loki. The bureaucratic organization watched over every timeline in the multiverse and will also have a key role in Loki Season 2. However, with the MCU moving ahead, the TVA also might move from Disney+ to the big screen, as it is rumored to appear in Deadpool 3.

Followed by Ryan Reynold’s big announcement, rumors started circulating on the internet that the TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius could appear in the upcoming threequel. The rumors were even hyped up when the Deadpool star replied to a tweet from an unofficial Miss Minutes account.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Hey there [Deadpool]… Love, Miss Minutes…” the Miss Minutes account tweeted. Replying to the tweet, Reynolds said, “Hello, Miss Minutes.”


The Heavy Spoilers YouTube channel also reported a rumor that TVA could have a major part in Deadpool 3. Daniel Richtman also reported that Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius and Miss Minutes could have a big part in the threequel.

The Spirited star’s Twitter conversation with Miss Minutes happened a week after the rumors started. Although the interaction does not confirm anything, considering how Deadpool 2 was concluded, TVA’s appearance in Deadpool 3 would make sense.

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How Deadpool Would Get Involved With TVA?

The post-credit scene of the 2018 Deadpool 2 shows Deadpool using Cable’s time-travel device to change the past. This would clearly make him a target of the TVA and they would come after him. It would also make sense as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have said that the events of Deadpool 3 will not affect the 2017 Logan in any way.

As he creates new branched timelines, the TVA will probably arrest him and this would lead to Deadpool’s MCU entry. Recent rumors also suggested that the studio is planning to bring back the former X-Men star cast in Secret Wars.


The threequel could play a major part to bring the X-Men into the MCU. It would make Deadpool 3 an important part of the upcoming phases of the MCU as it comes months before the release of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Deadpool 3 is set to release on 8 November 2024.

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