“Ryan Reynolds is going to get anything he wants”: Latest Deadpool 3 Rumors Teases the Return of Major Character from Avengers

Latest Deadpool 3 Rumors Teases the Return of Major Character from Avengers
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With the Christmas spirit now in the air, Ryan Reynolds’s Spirited becomes the talk of the town. But with the undefinable joy of witnessing the remake of A Christmas Carol being played out by Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds comes the conversation about the latter’s more prominent role in the Marvel industry. As with any major actor and their upcoming MCU project, rumors have taken up center stage in the abounding theories. One such rumor suggests that the Deadpool actor will now feature a major MCU character in his third installment marked for late 2024.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson

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Deadpool 3 Brings More Than Just X-Force to the MCU

The debut of Ryan Reynolds‘s neither X-Men nor Marvel antihero aka the fourth-wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth had brought his audience a healthy dose of snarky witticism and side-stitch-inducing laughter. Reynolds became known for his humor and his presence quickly turned into one of the major pros of being a part of the Marvel fandom. The liberty that then gave his unconventional character to play out on the screen went beyond the limitations allowed by a titular MCU or Foxverse project. And one of the first advantages that the actor took of his character’s inherent identity was to bring the entire X-Men: First Class crew together for a quick cameo.

Deadpool 3 rumored to fetch in more high profile cameos
Deadpool 3 is rumored to fetch in more high-profile cameos

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The announcement of Deadpool 3 now gives Marvel something that the fandom has long been dreaming of. With Hugh Jackman already confirming his reprisal of Wolverine for the film as part of Foxverse’s transition into the MCU, one wonders why such a major reveal would be used as a factor to break the news of Deadpool 3 happening. Considering Reynolds’s weirdly shrewd strategies and sharp nose for success, the fandom now looks inclined to believe that Deadpool 3 has more in store for its audience than it’s currently letting on. One of those theories has now occupied the internet and given the audience something to think about.

Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool 3 Gives Way to New Rumors

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury
Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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With Deadpool 3 a relatively long way out and the collective potential energy of the audience reaching closer to a snapping point, the rumor mill has considered it a prime obligation to churn out some theories from time to time to keep the public curiosity satiated. Given how Ryan Reynolds has an extraordinary ability to make any script look and feel like a wholesome box office success, it will not be surprising to witness some cameos that can top Deadpool 2‘s wink-and-miss X-Men one.

A new theory states that Deadpool 3 is set to feature one of the biggest names from the MCU and the primary character responsible for bringing the Avengers together. After rumors of Bella Thorne, Dafne Keen, and Taylor Swift joining Deadpool in his misadventures, it now looks like Samuel L Jackson becomes next in line to fall prey to the rumors.



At the moment, none of these rumors have been substantiated but given Ryan Reynolds could very well get Samuel L. Jackson to agree, having worked with him in 2 films outside of the MCU, the audience can only hope that the Nick Fury cameo comes to pass.


Deadpool 3 premieres on November 8, 2024.

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